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    FB Convo With HB10

    This is a convo I had yesterday with an HB10 I'm working on. We haven't met before but I did hook-up with one of her friends before (They aren't close or anything.) I thought this convo went pretty well but I can't really notice any mistakes until I have a 3rd party(You guys) critique.

    Convo backstory: A couple of months ago I would be posting smirky fun comments on her statuses. In one we got in a conversation when she started asking about my wolf and if I can get her a tiger.

    So then I pulled the whole "Let's go get maried at Vegas" bit on her and she has been my (fake) fianc ever since. We just resumed talking online after a while when she commented one of my statuses instead of the usual "like".

    So I uploaded this picture:
    And told her that this would be me and her one day. And now you're caught up.


    HB10- lmfaoo , where's the tiger?

    Me- He'll be waiting at our wedding dinner at McDonalds.

    HB10- McDonalds? You've outdone yourself!

    Me- I'm glad you think so! It was a god awful process convincing the manager to let the strippers perform in his fast-food establishment. But it would all be worth it when we get our happily ever after(4 months tops).

    HB10- I was thinking 2.

    Me- As long as you keep the kids.

    HB10- You mean the adopted african child? Sure thing. He can help me out with the international drug empire you're gonna help me set up in those two months.

    Me- I can already tell that we won't work out if you think you're going to be the one running MY drug empire. Now start getting ready for our wedding and make me a sandwich. ♥ (The heart was for I don't come off as a sexist or anything.)

    HB10 No ♥ (the heart was so that I don't sound like a bitch)

    HB10- Yeah , we wouldn't last a week. MY empire. I don't need your help anymore. And if you want to create a rivaling empire I'll just have Big Man Rich take you out. K? ♥

    Me- That's enough, IT'S GOING DOWN NOW. You're going to be shaking in fear when I walk in the room with the Top Gun theme playing at full blast and in a black leather jacket. I will kick your ass into next week. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    (^^^I like to start an online fun fight so it will give us a reason to meet up)

    HB10-Now you've given me a reason to get you locked up and continue to build up my global drug trade ♥ ♥ ♥ don't drop the soap honey ♥ ♥ ♥

    Me- ‎1) The police will notice that I left a whole lot of heart shaped stickers all over you're beaten body. They'll come to the conclusion that "it's all good." ♥
    2) You leave me no choice, I've dealt with your kind before. So here's what's gonna go down: I will meet you, we'll have a fun date, I seduce you, you fall in love, we get married, and I run a drug empire while you make me sandwhiches the way God intended. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    23 hours ago Like

    HB10- ‎...I'm not gonna marry you. ♥

    Me- You're the devil. ♥

    After that I messaged her with :

    Me- I don't usually give girls that say they aren't gonna marry be and do so anyways my real number but I figured you're not that much of a dork so congratulations. (***) ***-****

    HB10- I'm honored
    Here's mine: 666

    Me- The last girl I dated with that number tried cutting of my head in some weird circle made of blood. Please refrain from doing that.

    HB10- I'm more creative.

    Me- I hope so. You wouldn't want me judging your lack of imagination whilst I drive a wooden cross through your chest. :/

    HB10- I'm a devil's child , not a vampire.

    Me- That just makes you a vampire that doesn't sparkle. (y)

    HB10- Lmao good
    Uhmmm maybe I text you. Maybe.

    Me- I'll try my best to reply.

    After that I told her that I'm going out with some friends and logged out. I think I did pretty good considering that I had to buds message me asking me "How the hell did you pull her?" They explained to me that she never has long convos with people she doesn't know online (Even with mutual friends) and it's impossible to get her number that way.

    So yeah comment on.

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    Just from reading through it it feels like you're chasing her. Very beta. You're having fun together and that's good, but it feels like the dancing monkey.

    You agree with her too much. She sets a limit, and you agree with it. It doesn't feel like you are challenging, at least to me.

    I find that this often happens in skits, she probably got bored.

    Right after "adopted african stepchild" I would have gone a different direction, challenging her.

    "Wait, do you think if you copy Brangelina you'll suddenly be uber-chic? Who are you kidding?"

    Agreeing and then pressuring makes you seem invested in the dream - invested in her - which gives her the power and makes you beta. Disagreeing will get her chasing you. Maybe. If she's even interested - right now she just seems entertained.

    Keep up in the loop!

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    That's the type of stuff I need to know! Thanks man, this will really be a huge help.

  4. You're doing fine, some of your role play was very good, reminded me a lot of this thread: http://www.theattractionforums.com/f...ty-jersey.html

    "I'll try my best to reply" was a good ending. "You're the devil." was your best line (I'm gonna use that!) - she liked it, mirrored it at you twice with her "666" and "I'm a devil's child".

    Main tip at this stage is not to use any more hearts or smileys. See how you used way more than she did? Girls should be using those things more than you, at most, you should mirror what she does.

    And generally you need to increase your inner game, you're trying fractionally too hard to get her out on a date, you should think about it like you already have about 15 girls calling you for dates next week but perhaps you will blow one of them out to fit this girl in if she impresses you. If you're calling this girl "HB10" you already have her placed too high on a pedestal. (And anyhow you didn't even meet her yet she might just have a very good photo online.)

    A few more comments now, too late to do anything about these now but for next time.

    The long "(1) police / (2) here's what's going down" message was way too long.

    The "shaking in fear" message would have been better like this:
    That's enough, IT'S GOING DOWN NOW. You're going to be shaking in fear when I walk in the room to kick your ass into next week.
    That's shorter, and makes it that you are the scary one, not your jacket or the Top Gun music. It's good to say "kick your ass" though, as it also involves saying "your ass" which carries a slight sexual undertone.

    What she said about the soap, I think you could have said something like "bet you're looking forward to those conjugal visits though". Starts to sexualise it, and I like to tease girls about them liking sex and wanting it more.

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    Yeah I practiced in a recent convo the above mentioned tips on an HB8 and it worked great. I teased her about her wanting my meat and what not. After that I ended the convo and you can tell it was a success by her next two comments.

    HB8- Yes, I'll be needing them. Because I'm not awesome already, & being a little more 'cool' is totally gonna help out. bye ♥

    HB8- ‎& Yes, it was my way of getting you in the sack, you're in denial, it did work(; Bye this time for real lol ♥

    Thanks for the great advice Headman, I'll post my next convo I have with the before mentioned HB10. I feel a lot of improvement and better results coming along the way.

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    weak but you have a gud potential. Clearly she kept replying only because she was amused by conversation, there is no attraction yet .What you did right is you ended conversation first shows that you are not desparate. What you did wrong: you kept investing way more than she did ,that shows neediness and interest ... you were not challenging(which shows that you rae not a leader), no punishing and no negging, you let her control the outcome of conversation. What you need to do to improve : be less excited about conversation, show a bit more disinterest , neg more(hoit girls must be negged) , qualify and disqualify(she actually disqualified you by say "im not gonna marry you" )

  7. Here are my comments:
    Have you ever SEEN her IRL? Could just be a nice online pic... Pics always mislead. I have met HB9-10s who look like crap in photos, but are smoking IRL.
    So get informed about what you are trying to land.

    She seems like a very humorous and bright woman, which is a big plus for these kinda ping-pong games.
    I like your tone-of-voice and funny lines. Perhaps because its something I would use myself. Keep that up.

    Too long replies on your part. Look at her sentences: Short! Keep yours just as short.

    You show too much interest, and run the risk of becoming a dancing monkey.

    Make sure you have built attraction before getting her out on a date.

    Do NOT give her your number!!! Not for your own privacy, but simply because you have handed over the "power" and initiative to her.
    Its like telling her "I am so interested that Ill give you my number...just because... Now I just sit here hoping you will text or call".
    I know its not what you DID - but its probably how it came across.

    Her: "Maybe Ill text you. Maybe". Talk about DHV.
    You already gave her your number, so the "damage" is done.
    Perhaps a comeback (if that happens againg with another HB) would be "maybe it was my number I gave you. Maybe".

    The reply she made after u sending her ur digits "HB10- I'm honored. Here's mine: 666" --- is a brilliant brush-off.
    Its actually a line that YOU should have put yourself in a position to use!

    You definately have/had an easygoing and very playful convo with her, and THAT is something you can build on.
    I would suggest you challenge her more INTELLECTUALLY.
    If she is an HB10 she is used to getting told she is gorgeous and getting judged on her looks alone.
    So, Id keep treating her like an HB2 and have her "prove herself" to you regarding humour, intellect etc.

    If the convo gets sexual in some way, make jokes about how you are "sorry that she only sees you as a piece of meat" and the like.
    Downplay your sexual prowess like "all you want is my 2 inches of extasy"- or similar.

    No more hearts etc
    Dont mirror her too much. Let her mirror you.
    Set the scene, let HER chase.

    All in all:
    You have a great sense of humour and a good convo going.
    I think you blew it by giving her your number without having her work for it.
    Its like giving a dog a treat just for being a dog.
    If she had worked for it, she would have appreciated it and youd have her on the horn now.

    Hope this helps.

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