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    Translate please

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if you could translate this for me? I know it's using the English alphabet, but I've learned this isn't a problem for Russians (interestingly!). Thanks a ton!!! I am missing the beginning of the conversation - this is the end. Thanks again.

    --> с новым намного все лучше - профессия очень востребованная. по орифлейм никогда скучаю конечно (хотя и не забросил его полностыо) - заказы для клиентов еще делаю.

    --> он на Московке значит живет получается?

    otlichno! priyatno sliishat chto bisness horosho prodvigaetsya


    kak devushka tvoya letnie kanikulii providit?

    --> не до каникул мне Настенька - все работаю как пчела.

    --> как ты сама? как родители адоптировались к Америка?

    i ya u menya rabota sessiya u rebenka trenirovky v obshem vse kak vsegda )))

    da mama i papa nachaly rabotat postepenno priviikaut da i s enlgish na mnogo luchshe

    ya spat, zakonchila kontrolnuyu i tebya uvidela ))) priyatno biilo poboltat

    --> молодцы вы конечно!!! только вот скучаю я без вас. как то не привычно далеко вы.

    do vidania

    Nu day bog svidimsya ya v omsk sobiraus vozmozzno cherez paru nedel poka tochno ne znau

    skazala ya spat

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    Yeah, it's no problem for them to read either the Cyrillic form (bukva in Russian) or the latin transliteration. It's more or less standardized actually.

    This is a conversation between two women who know each other, but not well enough to be considered "close friends" according to Russian standards. The one woman has moved to the States from the Omsk region of Russia and the other is now situated somewhere near Moscow...

    --> as for the new beginnings, everything's better. My job is very much in demand, yet I don't miss Oriflame (although I have not completely forgotten about that) - customers still order a bit.
    --> It's happened that he started living in Moscow (which could be the region, not city centre)

    That's great to hear that business is good and growing.
    good job.
    How's your girl spending her holiday?

    --> She isn't on holiday, my Nastya (short form of the Slavic name: Anastasia) - she's always working like a bee.
    --> How are you there all by yourself? How are your parents getting used to life in the US?
    yo, everything with me is cool. You know work, study, going to the gym and basically everything like normal. )))
    yeah, mom and dad started working on their English and it's getting much better.
    I want to sleep. I'm "finishing the control" and to see you. It was great to catch up.

    --> Great job of course!!! But, really, I am bored without you (formal). I don't know how it's possible to get used to it.

    see ya later
    May God see us together soon with you in Omsk. I will get ready in around a couple weeks, but I really don't know just now.
    I said, I'm sleeping....

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