Working with an HB9 on OKC
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    Working with an HB9 on OKC

    Need some help on where to go, here's the convo


    ME:I'm only messaging you because you make >$1,000,000... the thing is, I suck at being a gold digger so can you help me out? Just tell me what I need to say so I can seduce you and take all of your money..

    HER:Need Tacos

    ME:Soft shell or hard?

    HER:Both and nachos

    ME:Good call. Chicken or beef? Hot sauce?


    (Up until this point I feel like I'm in her frame... not much effort put forth by either of us, but I'm doing more work. I feel like I take her out of her frame with my next line)

    ME:'Mexican Restaurant A' or 'Mexican Restaurant B'


    ME:They're restaurants... Don't ruin the game ;P

    HER:What game?

    (Trying to get her frame back here?)

    ME:The game that, if played correctly, would've led to some amazing tacos and nachos

    HER:I ruin all games

    (Again, trying to get her frame back here?)

    ME:I see that... kind of disappointed... with that face paint I had higher expectations

    HER:Want to try again?


    *~20 hours later*

    ME:I thought of a new game


    ME:It's really fun... I'm still working on the name, but right now I'm calling it
    "Let's get a beer at X's in Y this Friday". I'm pretty happy with that, but nothing's permanent so it could be changed...

    *~5 Hours later*

    ME:I know it sounds advanced, but don't feel intimidated. It's a really relaxed game and there are virtually no rules to break.

    *Few Weeks Later-Yesterday, Actually*

    ME:Ya know I wasted my most creative pickup line on you and you blew it off...
    What a flake. You owe me.

    HER:What did you say?

    ME:Some elaborate play on words in the context of a game... it was adorable

    HER:i don't remember


    Not sure what to do now.... Something about me being out of internet charm, so it'll have to be in person or something along those lines.

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    She's not interested. It sounds like she would reply to anything, to be polite. If she wanted to play, she would have by now. I'd say move on.

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