should i have sent this text?

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    should i have sent this text?

    to make a long story short...... (please do not judge why im still messing with this girl) i was djing at a bar a girl i met a while back came out.... she came out with 2 guy friends.... i found out 1 was her bf later on in the night... but shes still letting me touch her, and she sat in my lap and we talked alone in the vip room.... they made out a little bit but i was assuming it was sarcasm on his part...she buys me a drink called royal fuck and says "i'm going to royally fuck you" i teased her from material from this site "thats the only way youd have a chance with me is getting me drunk"..... he repeated most of our texts when all of us were smoking joints...... the ones that say stuff such as "lets go out for drinks sometime" then they go home early around 1:30 am i text her at 3.. the bf answers.... but anyway i sent her a text early yesterday when i was sure she was at work saying "u made it awkward but i GUESS we can still hangout" she says "how did i make it awkward lol" then i sent this text (really a fb message because i didnt wanna text"

    lol imma tell u like this.........its gonna sound like an ultimatum but its not......... brandon is cool, but im not looking to be in ur circle of friends.. although john is cool id like to hang with that motherfucker lol...... thats ur man thats ur emotional support, ur sexy as fuck but at the same time i DONT deal with boyfriend drama.... i know i said if u have a bf or not but i was assuming u didnt have 1.... we can still hang out..... but if we do, DO NOT bring him.... anytime i cant text a girl that im into because im afraid her bf might answer or read them, its awkward.... like wed night idk if he told u i txted u at 3am but still..... also imma tell u honey.... i have PLENTY of female FRIENDS and im not sad if i dont make another, i appreciate u coming out and supporting me, BUT i dont wanna be put into awkwardness or drama... im all about positive feelings.... you'll get that poor boy hurt babygirl.... if u wanna have some fun crazy times with me then lets do this shit then...he can make love to u and be ur boytoy and ur bitch... but me??? id pipe ur brains out.... soooooooo.......... if what im saying is too much to ask for, then let me know whats up....

    should i have sent this??

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    wtf????(first thought that went into my head) seems like you were writting a "poem" and put a lot of thoughts in it
    Personally i wud not send this msg as it sound like you are nuts

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    You're fucked up

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    Oh wow dude! Blow them pipes out Foo!!!

    If you gain anything positive after that msg then homegirl has absolutely no value lol

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    o well like i said........... im not into bf drama... i might have been crazy to send that....... but she was a dumb whore for bringing her boyfriend and trying to get me into some shit when we're both clearly attracted to each other

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    you guys are too harsh on him...I understand where he is coming you made a mistake,so what?just move on

    but shes still letting me touch her, and she sat in my lap and we talked alone in the vip room.
    so what did you do there ?did you build sexual tension...make out, sexually escalate?!

    from your text
    he can make love to u and be ur boytoy and ur bitch... but me??? id pipe ur brains out.... soooooooo.......... if what im saying is too much to ask for, then let me know whats up....
    you know its obvious the girl is into the guy and it will be hard to make things work,.trying to qualify yourself out of insecurity isn't the best option.have u ever thought she is rather making you her boytoy?..well if u haven't,you need to be careful,these are signs of an attention whore who finds pleasure in using guys.So what you need to do is to get abundant women in your life and forget about her for now.She is probably the type who does not like to get into a relationship and likes having fun flirting with the guys and yes the text shouldn't have been sent at all.

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    Wow... That message bleeds emotional insecurity. I'm going to point out a few things i see so hopefully we can avoid making the same mistakes next time lol

    Your ordering her around a LOT in that message, basic human instinct for her is to do the exact opposite of everything your telling her. You dont have a deep enough connection to pull that off.

    Why the @#$% do you care about what her bf thinks or if he reads her messages? That shows low value because you are driven by other peoples perceptions of you. YOUR the one trying to get with HIS girl who cares what he does, you should be the one winning the fight over his girl... as long as he isn't trying to kick your face in you should never be concerned with him. It shows you being completely reactive to him thus reinforcing the alpha male perception this girl has with her man. Notice how when he was there he didnt stop your escalating... shows he believes your not a threat and she will pick up on that.

    You keep saying things are awkward which is bad no matter how you look at it. Awkwardness is only there if you let it, she even responded that she didnt feel any awkwardness when you brought it up. Again... why should you care if anyone else feels awkward thats their problem not yours, you should be having fun.

    Coming straight out and saying you have PLENTY of female friends comes off EXTREMELY try hard. Definitely not helping yourself there.

    No you definitely should NOT have sent that but w.e man think of it as a learning experience and try not to do it again >.< Some dude my little sister met at the club pulled some shit like this, definitely didnt work out well for him. He became a complete joke to them and my sister's social circle uses that against him to blow him out of every opportunity that guy goes for with other women.

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    ^^^ thanks for the constructive criticism... yea as u can tell im way over my head with this one right here... but only thing i disagree with is it wasnt awkward until he repeated what the messages said, and i think that was a result of him having been drinking for about 3 hours...and its not that i care, shit he saw us touching so its not definitely that i care its just i didnt know they were together until the 2nd hr we were all hanging out... but its all good, it was a learning experience she also still wants to hangout alone sunday even after reading that and responding to it.. but i think i wanna just lay her a couple times, i really dont want to get involved in this

  10. ok u guys dont know shit never posting here again.......we hung out at a pool party and she gave me a bj......... as well as addressing the message saying "i wont bring him we can still hangout".......... not bragging or anything but i guess i didnt need as much help as i thought

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