How To Get Tons Of Pussy, QUICK!
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    How To Get Tons Of Pussy, QUICK!

    Step 1: Create a Plenty of Fish account.
    Step 2: Download iMacros for firefox ( Or whatever auto click you use)
    Step 3: Click The Meet me section on POF( Plenty of fish for all you noobs)
    Step 4: Click Record on the iMacro. Click Yes.
    Step 5: Loop the macro like 5000 times
    Step 6: Press play

    What this does is send all the random bitches in your area an email notification that someone wanted to "meet them"
    You should get like 100-120 bitches messaging you within an hour to a few days depending on how ugly you are. my ugly friends only got like 90 in a few days. But 90 girls is still like a new bitch every day for 3 months to smash on.
    POF every week will also refresh you with new matches and shit. So you can do this once a week!
    Unlimited supply of pussy. No more wasting time at the bars. More time to focus on stacking money and only getting your dick wet when needed!

  2. LOL Brilliant, and the girls on those sites are usually needy to.


  3. This is hilarious. Does it actually work though? Logically it doesn't seem like girls who see someone has said "Yes" to meeting them would take the initiative to approach, albeit online.

    Could be wrong, of course. Let me know if this works.

  4. okay i tried this at 4 o clock today got like 4 messages already and 1 one girl wants me to come spend the night with her, the other is hot as hell and wants to hang out already you guys should try it out seriously

  5. i got nothing but ugs from this... a few cute but im talking 100's ugs 1 or 2 cute

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    legendary post just literally got my next lay from this in about an hour of time lmao props magic

  7. LMFAO @ how ugly you are.

    Sounds like it's working. And since I'm NOT ugly, I may have to try this.

    Only problem is, I have high standards. Not CRAZY high, but high enough not to deal with uggmos. So I hope some cuties respond to this.

    Btw, never heard of iMacros. Does that shit work with all browsers?

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    Think about it.. how many hotties are gonna respond to someone wanting to meet them?

    I got like 6 really ugly chicks to respond, but dayummmn. You'd have to be hard up to sink to that level of despair (unless you dig the porkers).

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    Typically I consider women as women not bitches.

    This also depends on how well you establish your online/text/phone game with the women. This isn't a fool-proof way of getting pussy whenever you want.

    I think it's funny how your so worked up over literally nothing. It's better experience to meet women on the street, shops, markets, get-togethers, etc.

    Not online.

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    easy on the hate, homeslice. This guy might not have found a holy grail of picking up women, but at least he's somewhat innovative. I tried this and got like 6 hits back. Granted, none of them were attractive to me, but that just makes more for people who do find 'em attractive.

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