Developed my first openers, need criticism
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    Developed my first openers, need criticism

    what's up guys, I'm new to pick up and I believe I've developed my first set of openers. I know I should have tested them first, but I'm still trying to rid myself of approach anxiety. I think that if I get some feedback on my openers I will have more confidence in using them. So criticism is much needed, if they can be better please let me know, and if they suck and need to be trashed just spit it out. Thanks guys.

    Thought of this one this morning:
    So (pause) I think you're ugly, you wanna fight about it?
    (Her response)
    there is a reason for it, I thought you were pretty about 2 seconds ago but when I walked in and you pretended not to see the hunk that walked in the door, I had to come over and scold you. Did I make you that nervous?( big a s s confident smile)

    so guys quick question, should there be an age limit for playing truth or dare?
    (They're response)
    well the reason why I ask is a few nights ago a few friends and I downloaded a truth or dare app and out of the three of the girls, the more prude less adventurous one (at this point I'd place my hand on my target's shoulder look her in the eyes and say, she kind of reminds me you while I simultaneously wave my hand in front of my face indicating I mean facial features) chose truth, after bagging on her for a few seconds of jokingly calling her corny, I read her question to find one of the best questions I've heard in my life. The question was: was micheal jackson a better dancer or artist?( that question I also believe can be a great opener also, especially if mj is being played in the club)

    After they answer I was planning on transitioning by next saying, what's your best mj impression

    Well those are my openers, leave some feedback amigos! :-D

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    Don't like the first one; it's going to get you blown out a lot, especially given the fact you aren't very experienced. Way too harsh and most girls won't even listen to the second part.

    Second one sounds interesting; you could probably tweak it a little but I'd definitely field test it.

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    Use time constraints early enough (~ I only have a moment) and root your openers if possible (include a believable reason why you are asking what you're asking)

    First of all, do not ask something that can be answered with a "yes/no" as an opinion opener. With the second one you might get a quick "yes" or "no" and that's it. But field testing will give you the final answer. The first opener might just get your ass kicked.

    Since you say you are new to pick up, I challenge you to get the basics down that are proven to work. Read around the forums and you'll find a few that are very simple and work most of the time. Get comfortable hooking sets with those openers, and only then try to create your own openers.
    It's totally OK to use same two or three "standard" openers most of the time, no need to get original in the beginning. You'll put a huge pressure yourself that way, when you spend hours creating an opener. Then you'll expect from yourself to create a 101% completely original everything else, and will mentally crash&burn at some point. Save the originality for later, when you have your basics down (when you know what to do and what will work, even if it seems boring and repetitive to you)

    As for approach anxiety, small talk with everyone (hot women, old men, ...). Staff at stores etc are very safe practice. Ask for time at the bus stops. Etc. Get comfortable doing that kind of things before approaching HB9s.

    Try this if all else fails. (I hope it's OK to post that here)

    Oh, and welcome to the community!

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    1) never ever ever use that first opener.
    2) start with the routines manual openerrs.
    3) You open, then your approach anxiety goes away, not vice versa.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by The Modern View Post
    1) never ever ever use that first opener.
    2) start with the routines manual openerrs.
    3) You open, then your approach anxiety goes away, not vice versa.

    start with the Drunk Opener of the routine manual
    i tested some of the routines manual and i found them very good :3

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    Thanks guys for the responses. numero uno is trashed, damn and I felt good about one lol but hey, live and learn. Also thanks for the links, I'll do some studying. Also, went to the mall today and worked on breaking the anxiety. Did pretty good, had pretty descent conversation with about 4 girls, no fluff talk, lame count but I felt good on my first day. My cousin was my wing. Best thing is I hooked this set with an off the top opener, I walked by a two set of some hired guns (oh yea I know lingo lol) and while we were walking into a shoe store next to them I said out loud oh my god she's so cute and tiny, I want to adopt her! With my signature big a s s smile, and continued into the store. As I proceeded on I heard the hb9 ( oh she was funking gorgeous, about 5'3 green eyed long curly hair and she was stacked with a beautiful backyard) and her friend laughing as her friend said oh my god he said wants to adopt you because your so tiny. From tgen I felt like I was in, and I probrably was. But I messed up. This what happened. I should have went direct and just said, well the secrets out you guys know I think your cute so I'd be foolish not to come over and talk to you but noooooooooo here goes over confident swayde who has no game plan and says to the set: So since you guys laughed at my jokes I now feel we have a mutual relationship, so quick question, and the hb6 said the dumbest shit and mean THEE DUMBEST SHIT I EVER HEARD, she looked at me and said two plus two equals four laughing her head off! so I looked at her dead in the eyes paused and said I don't like you ( what a dumbass) with a smirk on my face and immediately continued convo with the hb9, as ahe laughed at her friend repeating with this big cheesy smile he doesnt like you, and I heard hb6 faintly say, while I was chatting up hb9, I dont care, but it sounded so snobby, and I started to lose composure then I began to get nervous and rather than taking a deep breath and relax I decided to pummel the eject button. So I thanked them and we were off on our way. My cousin swore it was the smoothest thing he ever saw but in the back of my head I could not help but think " great! You blew it you clown!"

    Also im going to use the search to find help on transitioning, because if I didnt mess up I think I would' ve ran out of things to say anyway, so feedback is appriciated as you know so what could I possibly have done better?

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    Wait... My cousin and I and two girls.. Two plus two equals four.. I wonder if there was some kind of sexual connotation... Or maybe im overanalyzing...

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    And thanks for the welcome 20three, I already feel at home

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    Hey dude, well done opening four sets the first day. With day game, its gotta be pretty toned down, no hard teasing, no crazy openers.

    For night game, I agree with Photon. The "drunk I love yous" opener in the routines manual is the perfect newbie opinion opener. For help with transitioning, also look at instructor articles on cold reads. Quick cold reads are great for this. Also in the routines manual but you have to actually buy it (not in the free chapter).

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