Nick Hoss Daygame 1-on-1 - NYC, July 2011

Hey guys!
I have experience doing day game for a couple years. I've even taken a Day Game boot camp with Soul about two years ago. In these couple years, I would approach maybe three girls about three or four times a week. I've gotten good sets and some numbers but the vast majority of my approaches have been with women leaving after saying "Excuse me". So I needed an instructor to show me what I was doing wrong! I decided to do a 1-1 with Nick Hoss after sitting in a mini seminar in Manhattan after he hosted it. He was only going to be in NYC for a several weeks so I wanted to take advantage and take a 1-1 before he left.

I met up with Nick Hoss and you can tell that when you are next to the guy you are in good hands.

First Saturday :
Nick is a great guy. I asked a hell of a lot of questions on the first Saturday (sorry Nick lol). I bombarded the guy with questions and advice and he was a real gentleman about it and answered all my questions with great detail. I just had so much things that I wanted him to tell me about how to correct myself after having poor results in the past. I explained to Nick that I do not have anxiety approaching women, but I have a great deal of anxiety on what other people passing by would think. He said don't worry about, I'll fix up on that. He did just that. We went down Broadway near SoHO and there were a lot of people coming in the opposite direction. I saw an HB 8 approaching and he told me to approach her. I did not hesitate and I did approach her. After saying "Excuse me" she just walked away. I asked Nick for some feedback. He mentioned I have to be more assertive in my approach, confident, and aligned with the girl when approaching and explained to me the correct body stance to talk to with a women. A couple blow out sets later, I finally got a couple girls to stop and he told me that I had great body language that time.

As we were walking I saw about five or six HB 9'S or 10's sitting down on a staircase. I would have taken any of those girls home easily lol. But I knew for me it was an impossible feat. So I asked Nick to demonstrate to me on what he had to offer. He approached the group and immediately he was hooked onto one hot girl. They were both smiling she was giving out plenty IOI's. After a couple minutes I saw him take out his phone and he got her number! I was shocked to see that he was able to pull out a number from that group. Unbelievable!

Later on, I met up with a beautiful Asian girl and talked with her about 5 minutes. The interaction went well and she gave me her number. I called up that night and it was a fax number lol. No worries this might be the 100th fake number I've gotten lol. As long I got her to stop that was the most important. I was able to talk with some girls, but they all mentioned they had boyfriends. The majority of the first Saturday were blow outs after saying "Excuse me".

During the week I day gamed a couple days and approached several girls and I got the same result. I could not get girls to stop after saying my opener.

Second Saturday final session:
We met up and I explained to Nick right away that I need to have the approach corrected. I demonstrated to Nick on the street, how the girls are walking away after the opener. I then approached him as he was acting as the female and he immediately pointed out what was going wrong. I learned from that and he told me to approach a beautiful brunette. I approached and BINGO she stopped. We talked for a bit, but she told me she had a boyfriend. I approached three or four more girls straight and they all stopped after my opener. Even though they told me they had a boyfriend after the 5+minute conversation I felt very happy and satisfied that I was able to stop women now!! I approached many, many girls I would say 98% stopped. I was very satisfied.

I asked Nick about fashion, since I have no clue about. He explained to me what to buy and what not to buy. We even entered a couple stores and he pointed out which shoes, shirts, would look good on me. In the final hour, we met Eric from California, a LS coach. He gave excellent tips and advice on how to approach a two set. It was getting close to four hours so I approached several two sets. Both explained to me how to approach a two set from behind. I was able to approach two sets with confidence, but they walked after I tried to initiate conversations with them. That's ok because I know I need a lot more practice with two sets. Before that I might have a two set maybe once or twice in my life.

Overall, I was able to get a couple numbers, but really the most important for me was getting girls to stop and Nick fixed me on that!! Nick had told me that this Saturday I appeared more confident than last week. I totally agree. Thank you Nick. I recommend Nick to anybody wanting to approach girls!