Vol. 52 Thinking Like an Instructor (Dubbsy)

All of our current instructors started off as bootcamp students. On the road to becoming an instructor, their mindsets began to change as their game matured and they started thinking more like an instructor vs. a novice when interacting with the opposite sex as well as when making life decisions. With enough experience, you too will eventually gain the instructor-type mindset which will enable you to operate on a much higher level of game. On this insightful interview, the instructors share their experiences of traveling down the path to game maturity.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

•How does an instructor think as opposed to a novice when it comes to approaching, opening, attraction, comfort and qualification?
•How does an instructor think as opposed to a novice when it comes to turning things sexual?
•How would an instructor handle a problem with his game or a particular sticking point?
•Is there a difference between one instructor's mindset and the next?
•At what point does your game stop maturing?
•What is the instructor lifestyle like?

Quotes From The Interview

"Sometimes girls in a club are already in a good state and all you have to do (to find success) is not be weird"

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