Vol. 19 Friends With Benefits (Savoy and Braddock)

Volume 19 Friends With Benefits (Savoy and Braddock)
Do you want the ability to have sex on a consistent basis without being in a committed relationship? If so, this volume is for you. Learn how to set expectations properly before you sleep with the girl to avoid potential pitfalls, as well as how to maintain these situations for a substantial length of time.

Topics covered in this interview include:
•Learn how to set frames for friends with benefits in social circles and cold approach situations.
•How to maintain friends with benefits situations.
•Handling friends with benefits in your social circle.
•How to avoid the pressure of entering relationships.
•Ways of upgrading or downgrading your relationship status.
•Handling jealousy in friends with benefits relationships.

Quotes From The Interview

"Women aren't always looking for relationships."

"This is all about setting the right frames early on."

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