Interview Series forum and posting rules.

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    Interview Series forum and posting rules.

    The Interview Series forum is the place to post and write reviews on the Love Systems interview series.

    The only threads in this forum are reviews on each of the game interviews if you have any questions about an interview please post it within that interviews thread.

    If you have any ideas for future Interviews we would love to hear them however please don't post a new thread, instead use the one we already have going which is a sticky within this forum

    Please note that unlike all the other forums the interview series forum doesn't go in order of newest post on top, instead its been set up to stay as it is with the newest interview series review thread on the top going down to the earliest at the bottom so even if you are to post a review on an older thread it will not be bumped to the top however do not let this put you off from posting a review as each review is still valued even on the oldest of the interviews.
    When you do write a review please don't start a new thread instead post it within an existing thread.
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