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  1. LA Day Game Wing

    I'm looking for day game wings in LA. While I don't need a wing for malls, it would be great to have a training partner (e.g., let's meet at 2pm and I owe you $10 if I don't approach five girls) to boost motivation and share ideas. I'm also interested in pool parties (e.g., the Standard Downtown on weekend afternoons). My favorite day game locations are the Promenade, the Grove and the Beverly Center, but I'll go anywhere within a reasonable distance of downtown that has hot blondes. I look forward to hearing from you guys!


  2. Grove and Beverly Center are great spots. Promenade can be fun too (3rd St, I presume?) Sunset Blvd and Hollywood/Highland are also great - but its a different crowd...

  3. thelastlion, are you still down to clown? Message me if you're interested, I'm looking for a "wing" . . .

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