Can't Cum From Blowjob

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    Can't Cum From Blowjob

    I have never came from a blowjob, and I don't know why? I mean I enjoy them, they feel good, but they're never quite 'enough' to make me cum. Apparently you're supposed to cum quicker form head than from sex, but it seems to be the opposite with me...

    Is this just the way I am, or is there anything that can be done?

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    Neither can I.

    It's pretty normal for a lot of guys. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    I've never cum from head and I've had 4 different girls suck my cock.

    I suck worse than them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMPitts View Post
    Neither can I.

    It's pretty normal for a lot of guys. I wouldn't worry about it.
    Not true! What it really boils down to is. A lot of girls give head in image of what they feel is correct. You have to couch them into giving good head that is right for you. Such as not using so much teeth, using more tongue, etc.

  5. You just have to find the right girl. There are some girls who have no idea what they are doing and it makes it hard to cum from a blowjob. The girl I am with now is an oral expert and giving head is her favorite thing to do. Seriously, sometimes I wanna go down on her and shes like NO! I'm gonna go down on you again. Bless her soul. Before her I never came from head so it all comes down to the girl. If she knows what shes doing and loves doing it, it'll be easier to cum while shes giving you head.

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    See I thought it was down to each girl does it differently - some know what they're doing and some don't. But the one girl I've had LOVES sucking my cock, she pretty much insists on it! I love how she does it too, and she enjoys doing it. I've got closer to cumming with her than any other girl, but still it's not quite enough. She gets down about it because she thinks I don't like it or she's not good enough at it, but that's not the case. I do enjoy it, but even when I'm enjoying it and she's doing great, I just want to rip her panties off and fuck her!

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    There's many variables. The biggest one holding you back is thinking about it in my opinion. Once I start thinking about cumming, it usually takes me longer whether it's sex or BJ. Sometimes if I know the only thing I'm getting is going to be a BJ, then I just relax, encourage her when she hits the right spot, tell her more or less of this, faster or slower and pretty soon it's no prob. You most definitely can come from a BJ, it's just a matter of getting the right variables, maybe a little more of her hand working would help.

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    Just tell her that you love how she gives her head to get you hard, but when you're inside her, it's way more intense for you.

    Is there something that goes through your head that stops you, like not wanting to come in her mouth? Might be something stopping you from doing it, and I wouldn't worry about it. Not every couple has oral, and you hear about it with couples that are deep into religion.

    It's also like figuring out how to give a girl orgasms, or the pace she likes being rubbed/fucked at. You know your body, you know when you're whacking off how fast or slow you like it. And one thing couples have a hard time doing is pleasuring themselves in front of each other, because you're more or less putting on a show for them. But I think a lot of couples who've used the webcam in their dating history don't have that hangup. And when you think about it, part of the fun of getting a BJ is watching her give it. If she's on her knees, she wants you to see what she's doing, otherwise she would be in a comfortable position, like her head on your stomach and you'd be staring at the back of her head, looking at hair.

    But if it's important - might have to teach her what you like and how you like it - walk her through it if she's hell bent on giving you a BJ to completion.

  9. Ok, I feel like I have to comment on this post b/c not being able to come from head was my reality as well. It was frustrating until I met my new girl. It has everything to do with the girl....for me it was realizing she is 'open minded'...and realizing she enjoys it as much as I do! I've had gfs who 'didnt do that' or 'dont like that' takes the right girl first off..then a little coaching and wow....I love coming from head its the best!

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    Hmm... It may be a mental block? Previous girls have been no good at all and didn't like doing it, so I went for a while without it becasue it bored the hell out of me. Now when I'm recieving head I get too caught up in wanting to come, so maybe I'm thinking about it too much? I don't like to think that they're getting bored either, or getting jaw-ache or something... Maybe I'm too conciderate?
    Next time I'll try coaching her a little, to see if I can get her to hit the spot and go from there.

    I don't masturbate anymore, but when I used to it was pretty intense with the main objective of cumming, so maybe I need to re-adjust how my cock receives stimulation as this may have de-sensatised it slightly?

    The girl loves giving head, and she tells me she enjoys giving it, so I shouldn't feel too bad about her spending some time on me, especially if I get to cum - which is what she really wants too.

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