He told her i thought she was cute, she thinks im good looking. What do i do next?
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  1. He told her i thought she was cute, she thinks im good looking. What do i do next?

    Went to a dinner for a organization. SPoke to this cute girl for a few min but then we left. Didnt really get a chance to talk until the end. Told my friend i thought she was pretty cute. He decided to tell her that. She told him i was good looking. Whats the next move? Do i just add her on fb and start a conversation? ( if so, what type of conversation)? Do i ask my friend to give me her number and txt a little? What do you guys think?!


  2. Side note- Another kid i know his best friend ( who i know off but not friends with) is into this girl. But hes the type of kid who just gets with everyone. I dont think it matters, its not like hes just going after her..but just a thought... im thinking adding her on fb? or i can ask my friend to c if i can get her number and start texting her?

  3. She told your friend she thinks you are good-looking. Time to get in touch with her, stop thinking about it, and just take her out. Don't think about this too much. Just go with it.

  4. Dont have her number or anything. SHould i add her on fb? Then message her ( privately)?

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    Add her on facebook, and message her saying you enjoyed talking with her, and you would like to get to know her better. Make sure you ask her some sort of open-ended question in the message too.. she is already semi-interested (looks) in you, so you can ask her questions.

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