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    It was last thursday night, I was out sarjing with a wingman and my pivot. We noticed these two hb10s at the club we were at in Toronto. They must have been hit on five times in maybe ten minutes. Every guy just kept on hitting on them. My pivot and wing give me the look. Get her done they say.

    In I go, I approach, just as I get to them I open with my fake boobs opener...They bite, I turn my back almost completely away from them and ftc and body rock. I neg, ( what kind of models? hand models?) they were hair models which was perfect for another neg. I stack forward and in comes my pivot and wing... AAAANNNDDDD back to the fake boobs, now my pivot and I have the obstacle and my wing begins gaming the target. I dhv, and routine away. Im getting Kino from our obstacle, but I noticed my wing hasnt gotten any I.O.I.s.

    Every guy in the bar was eyeballing us as well. I love the pressure though.

    At this point ive already isolated the target. But my wingmans target left and she was on the phone. When she came back I say,"Well introduce yourself, thats the polite thing to do." It works. After more fluffing and routine, I knew I had to number close at least.

    Me: Hey we were thinking of checking out a club called This Is London. Ever here of it?
    Them: Yes we go all the time
    Me: Well then, enter your digits her. And I give them my phone.
    Them: Ok, We'll take oyou to this is london
    Me: For sure

    Number close done. We fluffed a bit more but they had to go back to work.

    Every guy in the club couldnt believe what had happened. Not only did the number close happen in front of them but the girls were so entertained and had so much fun.

    This is a long story short.

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    Nice work brah.

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