The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Premature Ejaculation

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    The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Premature Ejaculation

    Disclaimer This post is NOT intended to diagnose,treat, or cure any disease. This post is the reflected opinions of the author and meant for entertainment purposes only.

    In order to prevent premature ejaculation you must:

    1.You must have a strong erection

    2.You must have a medium to high testosterone level and have a high Nitric oxide, Dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine.. Once you have a strong parasympathetic system you can last long and you will have a strong erection.. You can do this with Supplements.. There are forums which discuss which discuss this.. EDO Ampmax which is rather expensive have significant amount of Alpha GPC, Phophatidylserine, and other phopholipids that can boost HGH, lower cortisol and boost Acetylcholine and the parasympathetic system.. There are other supplements on websites on, ect which can be stacked into a ultimate STAMINA stack agmatine,l-citrulline,l-argine pyroglumate can be used for nitric oxide production. L-DOPA/Mucuna pruriens can increase dopamine.. 5htp in conjuction with b-6, niacin, folic acid for cofactors. for GABA l-theanine or b-6 glutamine or a b complex with glutamine can increase gaba.. You can use fish oil and Borage oil to increase healing along with Naringin. But Naringin MUST NOT BE USED IN CONJUCTION WITH PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.. IT CAN CAUSE DANGEROUS ADVERSE REACTIONS by inhibiting the Cytochrome p450 liver enzyme and increase the half life of prescription drugs. Folks with extreme defficiency or older folks can use DHEA 25 mg MAX!! Or you can order dr.lin's VIAPAL HGH P or J with his 5htp with Bulk D-aspartic acid from nutraplanet, bulk L-citrulline, or agmatine and fish oil, and endo amp max as a stack.. its rather expensive but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!! So save up and use 5 days on and weekends off.. Remember to get lots of sleep because that is where the recovery will begin and remember you have to put aside at least 6 months to a year for healing.. Depending on how damage you are people can start noticing effects in a 2 weeks or less if they keep their ejaculation frequency down..

    3.Well all know eat healthy don't eat processed foods, corn syrup ect. Don't smoke, Drink Alcohol in moderation, masterbate in moderation.. Reduce your porn viewing Frequency.. Eat whole grains,nuts, sea foods, (Oysters are high in zinc and D-aspartic acid which can increase testosterone by increasing LH and FSH )

    4. You must exercise in moderation which is no more than 45 minutes 3-4 times a week

    5. Allow for masturbation/sex to cut back to zero in the first month of healing then after a month reduce to only 2-3 times a week.. This is critical because if you dont allow your self time to heal.. you wont heal.. especially when you are low on Acetylcholine, dopamine, nitric oxide ect. And orgasm only depletes these neurotransmitters

    6. STOP PC MUSCLE EXERCISES AND PENIS ENLARGEMENT EXERCISES IMMEDIATELY.. This only damages and helps premature ejaculation. Pc muscles are taught by the mainstream media to prevent premature ejaculation BUT PC muscle exercises can be one of the MAIN causes in PE.. Due to Benign Prostate hyperplasia and Prostatitus. When you exercise a muscle you build DHT in them. When you build DHT in the pc muscles the prostate which is adjacent to the pc muscles tend to bind excess DHT to itself and causes it to enlarge.. You will notice random spasm or twitches if you have been doing PC muscle exercies for a prolonged period of time. This is because of DHT,Glutamate,histamine and an excess of prostaglandin E-2 which is an inflammatory/excitory hormone which in excess can cause premature ejaculation and excess precum.. PC muscle exercies was only meant for women to increase their orgasmic potential.

    7. One more thing you must not OVERLOAD the liver with supplements only use LOW DOSAGES in your stack and SPREAD THESE DOSAGES THROUGHT THE DAY DO NOT TAKE THEM ALL AT ONCE.. For example if you use endo amp max for increasesing acetylcholine,hgh, and lowering cortisol use 1/4 of the reccommended amount. If you using l-arginine,citrulline ect use 500gm 3 times daily on an empty stomach SPread through out the day, no more than 60mg-120mg of L-Dopa extract.. No more than 3 grams of fish and borage oils Spread throughout the day. 5htp can range from 25 mg to 100mg spread through out the day preferably with a meal..

    8. Remember to do belly breathing during sex and you can use the start and stop method but those only work for people with a hard erection and a powerful parasympathetic system, depleted persons will still cum quick regardless..

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    For teenagers with no access to funds.. lowering your ejaculation frequency for 2-3 months WILL HELP EXPONENTIALLY along with exercise and a balance diet. Some people are too depleted to even function so if you are broke and beyond puberty years 20 and beyond you re basically fucked until you can supplement your body with nutrients. I have been their like you guys at your GF house or some random girl and you might get an erection until you put on the condom then you go soft. Even if you manage to put your dick in her pussy you can cum in seconds or 2-3 minutes. Premature ejaculation can be prevented but their is NO quick fix.. Follow my guide and you can help your body recover too its youthful potential . I wasted so many hours trying to get girls but When I could finally get them my sexual prowess was actually zero.. When you fix your penis then you can start looking up ways to get girls because what will happen when u finally get the girl from all the hard work and cant perform?

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