IOI? and if my response was AFC

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  1. IOI? and if my response was AFC

    I study with a married girl and we have a bit of a laugh together at times and she has previously shown a few IOIs. I'm not interested in going there but i'm just interested to understand better some of the things she does and how i react, but i'll stick to just one example.

    The other day she asks me for a tictac so i give her the box with only two left in it, she takes em both and pops em in her mouth, i give her some playful shit about not saving the last one for me and she promptly takes one back out of her mouth and offeres it to me, I just took it and put it in my mouth as though it was nothing unusual and walked off to chat to some other friends.

    How do u rate this as an IOI and was i AFC or how could i have improved my reaction?

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    i don't know man. If it was the other way taking the tictac out of your mouth and she ate would definitely be a IOI (doesn't mind swapping spit lol) but in this case it seems more like shit test. I am not a PUA by any means ...but in my opinion not everything can be categorized into a IOI or IOD...sometimes people just do things ..

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