Guide to Greensboro, NC
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    Guide to Greensboro, NC

    I haven't even lived in Greensboro a year yet and already I skip all the lines to the clubs and pay no cover to get in anywhere. Where ever I go I shake hands with the owners, managers, bouncers, bartenders, and they all greet me by name. I used to roll with a wing, but not anymore. I do this solo now because every night I go out I already know everyone so I'm never alone. Women recognize me from being around, they approach me, and some even know my name. Bartenders pour me my favorite drink as they see me coming in the door.

    I'm not trying to sound arrogant at all, in fact the opposite. I used to be the biggest geek ever. Everything I have going for me now is due to studying the game and understanding social dynamics. It's completely turned my life around and I give full credit to the PUA pioneers.

    I go out almost 7-days a week. Every night there's a hot spot in Greensboro. These spots are always changing though, so this Guide will inevitably become outdated. As of today here is a list of places to go on any night of the week. Some nights I provided two venues because I like bounce. Remember, most of these nights are when the venue is having drink specials; you'll be saving a lot of money so PLEASE TIP your bartender well. They will remember you for it and prioritize your orders before everyone else.

    How to leave a 20% tip
    Move the decimal to the left one digit and multiply by two.
    Total: $23.50 -- move decimal left one digit: 2.350
    2.350 -- multiply by two: 4.700
    4.700 -- I usually round up so I would leave a $5 tip.

    Wells - any drink made with the bars cheapest "default" liquor. In this town it's usually Aristocrat or something equally poor in quality.
    Cover - the price you pay to get in the door, clubs will usually also give you a wrist band to prove you've paid. (Hint: turn your wrist upside down so the white soft part faces up when he attaches the wrist band. Less likely the sticky tape will pull your arm hair.
    Arrive - the time I recommend arriving at the venue to avoid lines and to give you time to chat with the staff before it gets too busy.
    Peak - the time things start getting busy and target rich. Sometimes you may simply want to arrive at this time depending on what your goals are.
    Capacity - The legal amount of people a business is allowed to have. Based on fire code laws and such.
    Size - The overall size of the club. This will influence how you sarge. A large club you'll have no problem blowing out of sets and bouncing right over to a new one. Small venues if you blow a set it may ruin your night if everyone hears about it or sees it happen.
    Tab - an open account you have with the bar that you "close" or pay at the end of the night. Always open a tab; you don't want to be seen handling money every time you want a drink. This is also the best way to impress the bartender because instead of tipping small amounts every time you order a drink, you can tip one large amount that looks much better.

    Stumble Stilskins
    $3 Wells
    No cover
    Size: Small-Medium, Two rooms
    Arrive: 10:30
    Peak: 11:30
    Its bingo night until midnight, after that it's just party time. A lot of downtown's club staff goes here because all the clubs are closed on Mondays. It's their night to party and a great way for you to meet the "right people". Tuesday nights are also good, less popular, karaoke night.

    Club Orion
    $3 Wells (sometimes $2.5)
    $5 Cover (fluxuates based on capacity, sometimes $3)
    Size: Small, One room
    Arrive: 10:30
    Peak: 11:30
    They call is "Half Assed Mondays" because all the drinks are half priced. It's hardly a club because it's so small but they play good music and have a dance floor. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, there are tables and booths and tall round tables with stools to sit on. Sometimes if there is room they will play that ridiculous beanbag toss game called Cornhole.

    Corner Bar
    $3 Wells
    $3 Cover
    Size: Small, One room + Outdoor area
    Arrive: 10:00*
    Peak: 11:00
    This is a "college bar" near campus. Lots of young attractive girls surrounded by typical college AFC's. It's a very small place and reaches capacity early in the night so unless you arrive early you'll be standing in a long line of people. *I recommend meeting the bouncer at the gate real early like around 9 and paying your cover. Go inside, have a drink, then bounce until later in the night. Remember the bouncers name, make an impression and he'll remember you and let you go right in. This will make you look awesome to all the people waiting to get in line. Be careful timing this one, because it will be empty and 10 minutes later maxed out. There are booths along one wall to sit on, a pool table, and an outdoor fenced in area with picnic-like tables.

    Cafe Europa
    Half priced wine night ($2 glass, $8-10 bottle)
    No cover
    Size: Medium, Indoor and Outdoor
    Arrive: 8:30
    Peak: 9:00
    This is a classy wine bar that attracts a lot of people on Wednesday. The peak time to come is early because they still serve food and bottles. At a certain time during the night I believe you can no longer order a bottle to your table. You can still order a bottle at the bar but they keep the bottle behind the bar for you with your tab. Dress well, most girls will be in black or white dresses, guys wear button up shirts. It's a classy place. I, however, go in this place raging with torn up jeans and a plain colored t-shirt and my hair looking like a firecracker went off on me. But then again, they all know me there so I can get away with it.
    The indoor area has a bar section, a main dining room with lots of tables, and a large outdoor fenced in area with more tables. The outdoor area has the most desirable women but they are all going to be seated sets.

    Drink specials changing (typically a well drink for about $4)
    No cover with college ID (between $5-10 without)
    Size: Medium-Large, One big indoor/underground room
    Arrive: 10:30
    Peak: 11:30
    This club has been through some changes lately. This definitely isn't my first choice of places to go, but I have pulled women from here plenty of times. If you don't arrive early you'll be waiting in a very long line. They recently have an option of paying $15 to skip the line and go through a second door. The staff here are not going to budge on covers and skipping the line. For two reasons: 1) the owner is a penny pincher and VERY hard on his employees 2) the kind of people this club attracts are also the kind who try and cheat and skip to get inside so these bouncers are all used to every kind of story you can throw at them. The only chance you'll have to meet and talk to the staff is when the doors open at 10 and you'll have to be real cool about it because they'll be rushing to get ready. There are two dance stands and three dance poles. Iím unsure if you have to be a dancer for the club to use the stands, but the dance poles are for everyone.
    I would normally avoid a place like this except that the clientele make it easy for me to pull women. It's mostly black people inside and a lot of fat chicks, the cute girls have incredible bitch shields, and the dance floor is the BIGGEST trap of all. I'm a skinny white boy so I stand out like mad in this place giving me an advantage.
    ADVICE: just treat the dance floor like anywhere else. Do not dance, open sets whether they're dancing or not like you would a regular standing set. I've even opened sets of guys and girls grinding away on each other just by walking up and running my opener.

    Green Street Club
    $4 Wells
    Cover (Donít know how much, Iíve only entered through the VIP door)
    Size: Extra-Large, arguably 5 or 6 rooms/levels
    Arrive: 10:00
    Peak: 11:00
    This is by far my favorite place to go. My entire week is practicing for this moment. The largest club in Greensboro that attracts the most desirable women Iíve ever seen. There are two doors to get in and both will quickly build an enormous line to get in. The line is slow since people rarely leave once inside. The first line is for the general public the second line is for anyone on a guest list or for VIP. Even if you are on a guest list youíll have to wait in a line of other guests so arrive early!
    Every single level has a bar and the first and second floors are 18+ if you are into young girls. The first floor is a large dance floor I avoid at all costs. The second floor wraps around the dance floor and you can look down on the people over the railing or sit down at the few tables up there. At first I avoided the second floor because it was small and most the people I want to be with are on the rooftop levels but I recently discovered that this is a great place to run game because itís relatively quiet and there are always open places to sit; great isolation location.
    Third floor and up is 21+ only. Third floor is just a big room with a bar, a couple stools to sit on, thatís it. Immediately outside is the rooftop level. The hot spot. All 21+ and filled with the most attractive women in Greensboro. Above the rooftop is one more level, itís a large patio overlooking the city with plenty of tables to sit at. Personally, I skip the first three levels and go straight to the rooftop.

    $7 Wells (This may change)
    $5-7 Cover
    Size: Small, one room
    Arrive: Anytime
    Peak: Approx. 11:30
    This place is about to completely change and an update will be needed. Venue is soon to open up a second level and I believe a rooftop as well. The upper levels will be called Loft. Venue already attracts some of the townís rich, snobby, and sexy people but after Loft opens this may turn out to be one of the best places in town to go. As of today, however, itís a small one room venue with about 5 VIP seating areas lining one wall and two stands with sexy dancer girls. Thereís the main bar up front and a smaller bar in the back. Strict dress code is enforced so wear dress shoes, no hats, button up shirt, and pants.
    Iím not going to write much about Venue since Loft will be opening soon.

    The Burro
    $5 Wells
    $3 Cover
    Size: Small-Medium, Two rooms
    Arrive: 10:30
    Peak: 11:30
    This bar is located on the third floor within a building, the first room has many booths and tables, in the back is a very small dance floor, behind that is a doorway into the second room where people play that horrid game called Cornhole. Not many people go into the second room but there are lounge couches in the very back that are perfect for isolation. Itís also quiet in the second room. Surprisingly there is a large bar in the second room that is rarely ever crowded. I always open my tab there.
    A lot of fraternity guys here with collared shirts tucked into shorts and wearing flip-flops. Dress like a normal human being and youíll stand out pretty well. Lots of college kids, the girls are easy to talk to and relaxed.

    Boiler Room
    Iíve rarely paid for my own drinks here so I donít know the prices
    Iíve never entered through the main entrance or paid a cover so I donít know
    Size: small, one large room
    Arrive: anytime
    Peak: fluctuates
    This place is hit-or-miss, itís across the street from The Burro so Iíll bounce back and forth a lot.

    The Burro (see description under ďFridayĒ)
    Boiler Room (see description under ďFridayĒ)
    Green Street Club (see description under ďThursdayĒ EXCEPT: only upper levels open, lower levels are Latin night or something. Only main entrance is open for rooftop. Attracts and older crowd on Saturdays)
    Inferno (see description under ďWednesdayĒ EXCEPT: older crowd, must pay cover, expensive drinks)

    *Friday and Saturdays run together because it's hit or miss at any of the venues downtown. Drinks are expensive, covers are high, and I typically do not drink on these nights because I want my game to be at its best and my wallet to stay heavy.

    Sunday night is gay night at some places so you've got to watch out.

    Stumble Stilskins (see description under ďMondayĒ EXCEPT: Slower on Sundays. This bar is right next to Green Street Club so Iíll use it to bounce a girl here.)

    Green Street Club (see description under ďThursdayĒ EXCEPT: Gay night, lots of straight single women there though so if youíre cool with it, go there and run game. Donít use any disqualifiers that imply youíre gay though because itíll backfire and no matter what you say they will believe that you are gay! YesÖ learned from personal experience.)

    Thatís it guys! Youíll see me at all these places on all those nights. Call me Capa and Iíll know youíre from the forum and Iíll introduce myself with my real name. Any time youíd like to meet me out send me a message with your number and Iíll give you a text.

    If you would like to know the names of people like bouncers or bartenders message me and Iíll try and help you out. Some places will let you in for free if you use my real name and say that I invited you. If you know the name of a bartender and introduce yourself and say that I sent you and recommended that bartender to you he/she will hook you up.

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    Other places I've checked out and am working on...

    The Mix - strict dress code, very fancy, expensive drinks and cover, good on Saturday nights
    Center City - small bar, cool people
    Buckhead Saloon - older crowd, newly opened, no cover, medium priced drinks. first floor usually has a band playing, downstairs plays club music

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