Nick Hoss E-mail Consult - May 2011
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    Nick Hoss E-mail Consult - May 2011

    first of all i wanna tell you something bout me, im a 19 year old german guy ( so sry if my english isnt perfect ). I was a virgin until last weekend.

    so in May i was really frustrated, i had many girls around me who likes me, so i know im no total loser with girls, few of them were also attracted in a sexual way to me. but i felt so fuckin insecure cause im a bit out of shape, so im not fat but im not fit too. and i had no sex and im 19 years old man.. that fucked me up.

    a year ago i found out bout love systems and some other puas like david deangelo.
    i tried to get everything that could help me and yeah my life got better and better. i read magic bullets, the routines manuals, david deangelo's 'attractions isnt a choice', and listened to some interview series, watched the beyond words dvds and it really felt great.

    i felt that i can do it, that i can be someone and stopped feelin so fuckin bad just because im not that good with girls. i know that theres not magic bullet and often it frustrated me if something didnt work. but i started learning from my errors i did.

    and im not saying im really good now, im still just starting out, but if i look over the last year, and think bout my life before i found love systems, my whole life changed in a good way. i feel better now.

    than i read Nick Hoss' tweets and his tips and felt that this guy really knows what he says and decided to write him in twitter, he gave me some short advice via twitter but said that i need to do a consult so he can really help me and that he's sure he can help me cause he was in a similar situtation few years ago.

    so i paid the money and did the consult. and it was one of the best decisions i did. i told him whats goin on inside of me and what are my problems and why this are my problems. and when i read his answer i just felt so.. like 'fuck he's right i have to stop thinkin this way and just act in that way' and so on.
    i wasnt good at showing emotions, either i showed no emotions or too many. he told me how to do it the right way.

    and then a week after that i met with a girl im writing for a while and while talkin to her and kino her i thought bout what Nick wrote and just did what he say.
    and after an hour i looked her in the eyes and kissed her and im so glad i just did it and not fucked it up with doing nothing.
    now we 2 are together, and last friday we had sex, so now im no virgin anymore. and im feelin more confident.
    im still doin the love systems things and im still reading here and reading the books. im not gonna cheat her but talkin to girls is not cheating in my eyes.

    so thanks Love Systems for everything, for changing my life. and especially big thanks to Nick Hoss, if you read our consult you may think 'ah it wasnt that much to be honest' but it pointed exactly at the points that made me feel insecure, and i just showed balls and did everything to get what i want and not fucked it up with being to insecure.

    so thanks Nick, what you wrote really helped me improving my life

    - Domi H.

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    Awesome dude, just awesome! I'm glad that the consult paid off for you so quickly and helped you reached the goals we set for you!

    Keep in touch and all the best.

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    Dude, that's awesome you lost your virginity. Can't believe how many people I meet from the forums and on workshops who AREN'T on Twitter yet... one of the best sources of free info out there right now.
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