on how to get pics from girls on the phone
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    on how to get pics from girls on the phone

    I will be honest most of the time you will need very good rapport to make girl to send you a pic or be a complete jerk/tease so she will get into comfort phase over the phone.
    Here are two conversations from the begining on bbm:
    girl: i'm going to x bar tonite
    me: i'm busy
    girl: what u doing
    me: hanging at friends house
    30 minutes past
    girl: change of plans i'm going to hang out at another bar. come join
    45 min later
    me: i'm watching movies. Send me a pic of what you will wear to the bar and i might pop by
    girl: i'm not there yet
    me: still send me a pic
    girl: i'm not dressed
    me: even better
    20 minutes pass
    me: i didn't know you trying to put makeup to look even more sexy on that pic
    girl: hahaha
    10min later she sent me a pic half naked and said "this is a only pic i will send ,please don't tell anyone"
    me: cute
    she: you are mean

    From there you just leave it let her worry more. The girl is a total bitch cos she is Dj n quiet popular

    Second example is
    me: u didn't greet me today. i think ill delete you
    girl: huh?
    me: i don't like that
    girl: i'm confused
    me: you seem like a gud girl so ill give you second chance. all the time you greet me you get a star and if you do something i don't like you lose a star.get 5 stars and get a prize
    girl: whats a prize
    me: u didn't think it will b that easy
    girl: r u always playing games
    me: wrong question ...minus one star
    girl: i don't want to play , tell me whats a prize

    I left it there. next day she bbms me
    girl: hey,i greeted you today so on how many stars i'm
    me: u r on 1 star
    girl: this is unfair i greeted you 3 times
    me: life is unfair , i only remember the one time
    girl: what shud i do to get 5 stars quickly?
    me: send me a pic of your smile

    Because you ask for photo of her smile she will send it and she will b comfortable to send more private photos later on

    here is more advises:
    when you made a girl laugh constantly over sms tell her the following:
    -i can just see you cracked laughing there so unfair i can't see your face. Send me a pic of your smile

    NB. if she sends you naked pictures don't compliment, be rather unimpressed or neutral. Use word cute or tease like: the bra doesn't suit you , i think you will look better without it ;-)
    There is more but it will take forever to write all suggestions

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    I love these!

    I have been thinking of ways to get dirty pics from hb's. Will def try some of these, if you've got more ideas keep em coming!

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    Thanks. I will write some more threads soon
    When things get hot I like to throw the following qualifier in: "I will fall asleep , you will fall in love" usually girls will try to prove you wrong because it will hurt their ego. Try in real life as well but on hot girls that have very big ego!
    another convo with girl i never seen:

  4. Nice.

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    Been a while and actually practising made me develop and come up with other ideas how to get naked pictures from a girl so i decided to modify this post (i did 3 month ago). In general the best way is still to be a jerk and act disinterested if you want to get pics but here are some more ideas:
    -this is the easiest way . After talking with girl for a while ask her "what you doing" usually girls will reply with some bull shit like "i'm watching TV or etc" then you say "send me a pic" and here when exchange will start . The point is it doesnt matter if she sends you half naked picture or not , the purpose to make her comfortable to send you pictures if she comfortable with that then naked pictures will come shortly
    -While you travelling or you are out of town. Send the following msg to girl
    "I'm on beach or place X, the view is amazing reminded me of you" send a picture of the view (that's if you are on beach) girls usually will reply with "wow that's amazing ,blablabla" then you ask "what you doing" she replies with "bla bla bla" and you tell her to send you a pic
    -Send her a motivational poster or just browse beautiful/romantic pictures of beach,places or etc" following with text "joining in?" most of girls will reply "yes i'm in"(of course depending on how good you are at choosing pictures) Tip: go to google and just type "romantic places" that's how i got my pics . So she agreed what do you do there are two ways :1). neg her and say "lol i will take you with but what will i get in return" or "i will take you if you give me a massage" 2). "i will take you, i bought you nice bikini" or just any other teasing component i usually go with bikini or anything other comment that i can turn into sexual convo at later stage... in both ways you still need to do some more cheap talk and tease her eventually just ask her "what she is up to " and follow patterns above

    Here is just a recent chat with girl when i got a pic:
    send her a joke
    her: hahahaha :-) cute

    me: ;-) im might b in joburg this wkd!!! (my way of asking girl out hahaha )
    her: cool!!! let me know!!!
    her: i got my bro's bday on sat night tho!
    me: ok i will, do u have a bro?
    her: yeah he is turning 27
    me: u awake early (as it's not even 6 am)
    her: gym
    her: u?
    me: work,dressing up!
    me: send me pic how u look now, shud be even slimmer! (havents seen or chat with her for 3 weeks)
    her: k just now
    me: cool
    her:was i getting fat?
    me: hahaha no, u were slim already i dont understand why u want to b even more slim! where is my pic missy
    her:send a pic with just wearing panties and bra
    her: that's from the other day
    her: lost a bit more tho! more in shape (she weight 50kgs i dont know what she is trying to lose)
    me: sarah u gonna b skeleton one day! u did lose weight i see that x_x
    her: hahahaha :-) na i'm not! now im just toning up
    me: sending picture of the beach and say joining?
    me: it looks like u need some tan and not toning ;-)
    her: take me!!! :-)
    me: ok pina colada on beach mmmm
    her: hmmm
    me: huh? massage ;-) ok u will drink water
    her:in ur dreams
    me:u confusing me
    her: why
    me:lol u dont wanna massage it's ok, you will give me one
    her: whatever :-)
    me: starting with a head :-p
    her: carry on dreaming
    it's still goes on but basically that is how conversation went

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