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    2011 Up to Date Community and Guide!

    This is 2011 not 2004

    The seduction community has change and there are few people who actually get it or realize it. In this community you have to have a open mind and I can see a lot of them are closed minded. This doesn’t mean you have to take everything that is said as a preachers word. But being closed minded does not get you very far and you will never see yourself excel that fast. You have to understand that pick-up and the community change drastically over-time and there are always things that are improving or changing to HELP YOU for the better. Before I go on any further I want to say whats out-of-date with the community. Someone said this quote on TAF which I thought was great. “Would you rather own a computer that 10 years old and slow, or a new one that is fast and up-to-date. Yes they will both work, but one is a lot better than the other.” This applies to pick-up.


    *Mystery Method- Yes this information was great back in 2004, and painting your nails and dressing up like a idiot got girls attention. But it was the wrong kind, Mystery is a joke in the community now, most of his techniques and style is looked down upon, because there are better ways that will make you more successful with girls. Take for instance Magic Bullets, this is like the “new up-to-date fast computer” savoy is consistently making this book up-to-date and goes in depth with everything to help you become good in all aspects of pick-up. And about 99% of the questions asked on TAF are answered in Magic Bullets.

    *The Game- This is not a guideline to pick-up. Its a book telling stories, this is just like Mystery Method. These techniques were almost from a decade ago. Not to mention this will not help you substantially grow.

    *Negs- This argument could go on forever with people who are closed minded an believe negs are great because it got girls to qualify themselves and give the guys a false sense of power. Negs Are outdated and are looked down upon in this community. Why? Negs were misused and guys would get into neg mode. A lot of people didn’t know how or when to use them. Most guys also believed that you had to use them in every set after your opener to build attraction, when a lot of times negs where not needed. Teasing works a lot better. The difference is that teasing is playfully joking around to show you're on her level. While a neg is not a tease, its to make her feel insecure and want your approval.

    Here is a quote from Savoy based on the neg argument:
    “And as someone who taught more people negs than probably anyone else back in the day, I absolutely 100% agree that they are outdated. There is nothing that a|neg|can do thatteasing|cannot. Whereas there are a lot of situations where a|tease|WOULD work but a|neg|would not. Of course you can still use negs and get the girl. You can also wear leopard-skin underwear and get the girl. It doesn't mean you should, or that it helps you. Plus, the whole idea that you have to bring a girl DOWN a level so that she will be interested in you...that just shows what a place of insecurity this comes from and does crappy things to your|inner game|as well as your results. And how do you plan to keep her down, if the only way you can attract her is by making her feel insecure so she needs your approval?

    I mean, I used to teach with some guys who lived by this stuff...I started asking these questions in 2004 because I saw how it was affecting students. By 2006 it was obvious there were no answers, so I stopped teaching negs. I'd rather admit I was wrong and get it right the next time than stay wrong because I don't want to admit I was wrong.”- Savoy


    *Magic Bullets- As I mentioned before if you want to become good with girls this is the most up-to-date book that covers everything on pick-up.

    *Triad Model- Which is basically explained in Magic Bullets, there are 3, one for emotion, one for physical, and one for Logistical. The 4 crucial emotions are attraction, qualification, comfort, seduction. The 4 key physical are social touch, friendly touch, romantic touch, sexual touch.

    *Internet/Phone Game- This has become crucial in pick-up. There are way too many guys on this forum who are looking for answers on what to do next after you got a girls phone number, getting a girls phone number is only access to a date. It does not guarantee anything, plus a lot of factors come into play with phone game and its a lot bigger deal than you think. Text and phone game guide by Braddock has pushed my success rate up incredibly with girls. Its truly one of the best books I have ever read and is pretty crucial to pick-up. Once again 99% of the questions are answered in Braddock’s book.

    *Inner Game- Confidence has become a huge thing in this community, Its arguably the most important factor to have in pick-up, that and persistence. You must touch-up on this because it will help you in a lot of aspects in pick-up. I have seen far too many posts about guys acting like total AFC's and the core problem of this is because they have no inner game. Confidence is key.

    *Social Circle Game- This can open up doors to everything, wether it be getting a job, girls, or networking. When i came over-seas i made sure that was crucial and i networked the shit out of me. I got 5 tryouts in one night from my social circle, its a small world, and having alot of friends will help. Having girls in your social circle is a huge advantage. In the beginning I used to fuck every good friend that was a girl and messed up a lot of good friendships. But having good looking girls in your social circle is powerful weapon because it opens doors to a lot more beautiful girls.

    *Day-game- Day game has grown to be a lot more popular. Everyone has there own opinion on what works better for them, direct game or indirect game. If you feel as though your more direct type of person then start practicing day game. Jeremy soul has a great book on it.

    Some Factors That Need to Be Cleared Up

    *Calling girls sluts or be-little them for having a high sex-drive, is completely wrong and a double standard.

    *I have seen far too many times where people give great advice, but they person continues to ignore it and waste more time stressing over it because they are close minded and are only looking for one answer. Be open-minded! Were trying to help you!

    *There is no girl that is perfect so get over that ex or one-itis. If you and your girlfriend continue to break-up this is un-healthy and there is a reason why its not working out. Move-on, trust me I know.

    *There are tons of information that instructors post to HELP you! Use this to your advantage.

    *Trying to get with a girl that you live with is a horrible idea! Stop with the posts about it.

    *Always try to k-close or show interest early on, so we can stop with this friend zone post and that way the girl will know your intentions.

    This list can go on but I think this is were ill wrap it up here. I may be young(18), but pick-up has literally change my life not just with girls but with life in generally. I’ve had sex with some of the most beautiful girls I have seen, my first 3-some was 2 years ago, I’m dating girls from all ages, I’ve traveled alone across the seas to follow a dream and succeeded. I made sure I had standards and was persistent with everything that I have done and gave everything 100%, whether it be working, fucking, pick-up, soccer. Because at the end of the day at least I can say I gave it my all, which is a lot better than not even trying or giving your all. I do not want to live a life of regret. Also travel

    Everyone here is trying to help you with whats best, but you need persistence in life and pick-up. You only live once so take advantage of all of this knowledge you have, instead of dwelling on little things, like some girl who wont call you back, or some ex you miss, or even some girl that blew you out. Focus on making yourself better. Go out and approach and talk to girls. HAVE OPTIONS so you can stop worrying about stupid things. Do not think that anyone has it better than you, because you life choices are your own life experience

    List of Recommendations for reading:
    -Magic Bullets by Savoy
    -Ultimate guide to phone and text game by Braddock
    -Secrets of the Alpha Male by Carlos Xuma
    -Persistence thread by Fader- http://www.theattractionforums.com/f...rsistence.html

  2. Don't forget the Triad Model, which is well worth noting on its own, as it puts very heavy emphasis on kino and logistics.

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    Supersonic71 Guest

    I vote for this to become a sticky.

    Also, having other friends and hobbies outside of pickup is good for inner game. That way when you have a dry-streak (which happens to everyone at some point), you have something else to perk your mood up. Better mood = more confidence, it will help you get back on your feet faster.

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    best of clean up

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    Love it.
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    best of clean up

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    Good job on the post surffreak.

    Its funny that after all this time we still have guys posting about stuff they've read in 'the game' and Mysterys old M3 model, Pu has changed and evolved and we need to change with it.

    Keep up the good work.
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    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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    best of clean up

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    Yeah definitely a sticky. This could open a can of worms in a good way.
    Ref the game methods being outdated yes in certain cases they are. But as it was said it was a story book. Buy also on that, soo many women are aware of it and the PUA scene from media and word of mouth that it has forced the scene to evolve. Thoughts ?

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    Totally agree with all you said.1
    With concerns to the game, it is best viewed as a motivational story. Proves anyone can become what they want if they put enough effort in!

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    best of clean up

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    best of clean up

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    best of clean up

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    best of clean up

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    best of clean up

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    best of clean up

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    best of clean up

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    best of clean up

  20. Holy shit, I've been waiting ages for this post! There are some guys here running on windows 97' man, still wearing those stupid hats and running ESP tests (my favorite)
    But yes, the community has definitely matured. Back in the 90s you had a bunch of fuck ups using NLP techniques to hypnotize HBs into bed, then in 2004 the CANNED material! damn
    I remember a friend of mine who could speak for 2 hours straight because he had written out these long ass routines and 90% of what he said was actually memorized. Oh and of course
    not to mention that peacocking BS. Even though all that shit seems crazy I think we have to be grateful because those guys laid down the path for us

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    Thanks for throwing my article in there. I have written tons of inner game articles. Inner game is the foundation to everything

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