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    I agree, great stuff man, inner game i find is so important to develop, Im still quite new to this and also so common stereotyped still to the nice guy but I love this, its brilliant, only thing I'd say is the game by neil Strauss while outdated is still worth a read for at least an insight for motivation to what you can achieve, from zero to hero is what you can be, just emphasize it is not outdated stuff, so motivation from it is good but go on to the updated stuff like love systems stuff.
    Find all new stuff now is better because it can be easier adjusted to where i live (in the uk, liverpool) because uk girls and american girl i find are two different types of female easily.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by surffreak View Post
    Some Factors That Need to Be Cleared Up

    *Calling girls sluts or be-little them for having a high sex-drive, is completely wrong and a double standard.

    *I have seen far too many times where people give great advice, but they person continues to ignore it and waste more time stressing over it because they are close minded and are only looking for one answer. Be open-minded! Were trying to help you!

    *There is no girl that is perfect so get over that ex or one-itis. If you and your girlfriend continue to break-up this is un-healthy and there is a reason why its not working out. Move-on, trust me I know.

    *There are tons of information that instructors post to HELP you! Use this to your advantage.

    *Trying to get with a girl that you live with is a horrible idea! Stop with the posts about it.

    *Always try to k-close or show interest early on, so we can stop with this friend zone post and that way the girl will know your intentions.

    This list can go on but I think this is were ill wrap it up here. I may be young(18), but pick-up has literally change my life not just with girls but with life in generally. Iíve had sex with some of the most beautiful girls I have seen, my first 3-some was 2 years ago, Iím dating girls from all ages, Iíve traveled alone across the seas to follow a dream and succeeded. I made sure I had standards and was persistent with everything that I have done and gave everything 100%, whether it be working, fucking, pick-up, soccer. Because at the end of the day at least I can say I gave it my all, which is a lot better than not even trying or giving your all. I do not want to live a life of regret. Also travel

    Everyone here is trying to help you with whats best, but you need persistence in life and pick-up. You only live once so take advantage of all of this knowledge you have, instead of dwelling on little things, like some girl who wont call you back, or some ex you miss, or even some girl that blew you out. Focus on making yourself better. Go out and approach and talk to girls. HAVE OPTIONS so you can stop worrying about stupid things. Do not think that anyone has it better than you, because you life choices are your own life experience

    List of Recommendations for reading:
    -Magic Bullets by Savoy
    -Ultimate guide to phone and text game by Braddock
    -Persistence thread by Fader- http://www.theattractionforums.com/f...rsistence.html

    Thank you. I've been saying this for YEARS even BEFORE I found the community (I stumbled onto pickup in 2009. I've been saying this for at LEAST ten years now, yet NOBODY gets it. I'm glad that you do, and I'm happy it was posted.)

    I LOVE this. Sometimes it's what we need to hear. In so many words you're saying "FUCK dwelling on that stuff. Some chick blew you out? Find a hotter one! Some girl won't call you back? HER LOSS! She'll likely end up with some douchebag and then WISH she had a guy like you. You miss your ex? Find someone BETTER and make NEW memories." (At least that's what I took from it) And it helps. I'm gonna save this and read it whenever I remember.

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