How to turn the tables on a girl that's got me waiting?
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  1. How to turn the tables on a girl that's got me waiting?

    I feel like I'm just not in control of the situation. When she responds, it's incredibly positive but it's almost a few hours to a day later to my communication. I don't get it. On our Day 2 we had a great time and she even mentioned at the end of the date that we should definitely do it again. Fast forward to now. I call her on Sunday, she doesn't respond so I sent her a text last night saying:

    Me: "I forgot are we fighting and more importantly am I winning?"

    Her: "What?! You are such a dork! Sorry, been busy entertaining friends - but got your message and can do Wed "

    So today I responded with:

    Me: "No worries. I still have Wed open so I'll have my interns pencil you in ;-). How do you feel about Thai food? Press 1 for yes, 2 for hell yesss!"

    And thus far she hasn't responded. I get the distinct feeling I won't even hear back from her until tomorrow. I don't want to seem like I'm always available for her though, I want her to know if she's gonna treat me like a backup option than I'll treat her the same way. Obviously calling her out on it outright is not the way to go and I don't plan on doing that. However, I was thinking that if she doesn't respond by tonight I'll tell her tomorrow (when she inevitably responds) that I made other plans because I didn't hear back from her and offer to reschedule another time. Have any of you guys tried something like this? Does it work, or am I just going to kill the attraction here?

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    Since she said she can do Wednesday, take that and text her tomorrow in the early afternoon and say something like, "Let's head to this awesome Thai place X, 7 pm good?"

    SHe may like you, but doesn't seem to be taking things too seriously, so take a step back.


    Text her tomorrow and say "Sorry can't make it tonight, my friend said she needs help with X. We'll meet up this weekend though playa"

    I'd personally cancel on her because she's not making a great effort. Pull the power back, by backing off. Ya dig?

  3. I like the way you think. She needs to know I have other options in my life and I'm not waiting around for her. If she wants to hangout with me she's gonna have to put in some effort, otherwise I'm moving on. Thinking of texting this back to her tomorrow (assuming I don't hear back tonight)

    "Sorry can't make it out tonight, I need to help my friend move her stuff out of her apt. Lets hangout later in the week ;-)"

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