1st night f-close, a few doubts

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  1. 1st night f-close, a few doubts

    Last saturday I had a right result! My friends went to a street bar nearby my house and I passed by while taking the dog for a walk. One of the girls in the group clearly took an instant shine to me but I made my excuses and took the dog for a walk as planned.

    At 11:30 we all hooked up again at her house and she was clearly up for it. By 1am I'd isolated her in her room and got up and close, kino had been escalating nicely upto this point and it was obvious we were gonna get kissing and almost certainly get down and dirty.

    I decided I wanted to try a few things out like not going straight for lip to lip kiss, just being real close and smelling her neck and just letting my lips brush against her lips and stuff. I then pulled her physically onto my lap before i'd kissed her properly, maybe this was a mistake? She kinda complained that i was being too forward, is this a type of shit test and kind of refused to kiss me full on for most of the night.

    I soon had her naked and got naked myself and put her hand on my cock, she complained again that i was being too forward and it did seem a bit like i had ruined the mood for her, I just said relax, and started caressing her, she kept her hand on my cock though, and soon got back into it.

    I was a bit concerned that she was getting a bit dry at times, her period finished 5 days ago and she said it was normal, she was also shitfaced.

    Anyway, any thoughts would be welcome.

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    Shouldn't this be in Field Reports?

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