What is this sub-forum and why is my thread here?

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    What is this sub-forum and why is my thread here?

    What is it?
    A place we posthumously reserve for threads cleared from the main forums because they stank.

    Why did your thread wind up here?
    This Attraction Forum is the best forum to help you meet and attract more women into your life. It is very actively moderated by yours truly (and the rest of the team) to keep it that way.
    We appreciate members who take the time to memorize the Forum rules, because those rules also reflect how you should live your life.

    If your thread wound up here, it’s our own way of reminding you of what kinds of posts we have found over time to be SHIT. To get the most out of the resources here, you should not have posted it in the first place.

    Threads are moved here because, among other reasons:

    -The member didn’t take the time to read the posting rules. (The rules help you not get banned.)

    -The member is persisting to try to get “this one special girl ” (That girl could be someone's sister and that someone could be punching you in the nutsack if you keep stalking her).

    -The thread is something that has been covered already many many times and we're bored of the same topic popping up (best to use the search feature to make sure your not asking something that's already been covered.

    -The thread is about about you continuing to pursue someone who has either repeatedly rejected you or has not reciprocated your interest at all. (If she has issued an AVO against you, she's NOT playing hard to get. Neggging her won't work neither.)

    -The poster is afraid that people will “find out” about the community and we’ll all never get laid again. (As long as dildos don't come pre-installed with an attractive personality, women would still want real men.)

    Also, we might move a thread here because miaddict just does not like your username.

    As you may have already seen there is no 'Post New Thread' button in this sub-forum and you won't be able to post in the any of the threads that have been moved into here.
    This forum is (as the name states) a wall of shame we can dump the facepalm threads that have no place anywhere else on the forums.

    Once threads have been moved here the admin and mod team will not be spending ages moving threads back to where they came from at requests from the thread starters so if you don't want a thread in here then please make sure your not breaking the simple posting rules however if a thread is placed in here then don't take it personally it’s our own humorous way of reminding you of what kinds of posts we have found over time to be ineffective.
    We want you to get the most out of the resources here.

    To help keep you from getting threads placed in here remember to use the Search function (if your not sure how then read this thread http://www.theattractionforums.com/f...h-feature.html)
    Also check out the http://www.theattractionforums.com/n...game-faqs.html thread for common question/answers and also the New? start here area, if you also want to know where the forum posting rules are then Click here.
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    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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