My Text/Phone game is really crappy....

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  1. My Text/Phone game is really crappy....

    My "face-to-face" attraction game is not too bad but when it goes to text/phone game i will go crashing...mainly because I demonstrate neediness and pushing for the date at the wrong time.

    I know the theories (callback humour, group invite, frame control...) but they are really hard to implement...I think by calling the girl it definitely shows interest for my part (not a challenge) and pushing for a date automatically communicates low value. Whereas face-to-face I can always disqualify and show pre-selection, or using sub-coms to demonstrate high value.

    I really suck at text/phone game and it has been a major sticking point for me by far. Usually when I go for the date the girl will be busy Are there any hard fast tips so that I can gradually get back on track?

  2. I feel for you dude I have the same problem. It's an obstacle I never realised existed having read the game, MM and MB. Something looks like a deadset, I k-close then number close and then when I go for a date it doesn't work. It's not always easy to set up a group invite, as it takes time to build up the networks. There is a book by Lovesystems called the ultimate guide to phone game. It's helped me a bit but I'm still finding it really difficult to get anywhere. I guess you gotta keep practicing, keep getting numbers and texting them.

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    getting the number is almost the easy thing to get now>>>.its a whole other arena when getting in phone and text game...if you guys wanna share some ideas PM me....

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