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  1. Leonidas Day Game Journal

    Little about me:

    29 yr old,living in Europe.have good job.Come from non-EU country.

    know Game for 2 years and did some day game but didnot practise for long time .


    Update after re-start:

    First session2 hours)

    Mature woman:

    Nr closed one 40 yr woman.Great body but notgoodlooking.

    sent SMS back and forth and after a while,she stopped sending messages.

    called some times.No reply.will send one SMS in coming week as last try.

    Second Session4 hours)

    was in really bad state because of argument with wingman.Started Gaming on my own.

    Direct with one old woman in store and ejected.

    serious AA.couldnot open more.

    then finally opened one hot 40+ hired gun in art shop.Direct as usual.DHVed about my job,travelling and interest in art etc...she talked about art and she was unable to travel much as her husband works on a ship and is away alot.etc.What a body she have with tattos and ornaments..I gave her compliments about her interest to start business and stuff....customers started pouring in...when I started convo,she was talking with customers if they need any help but at the end of convo,she didnot care about customers.convo lasted 15 minutes.For some reason,afterseeing customers,I went for nr close.She replied saying-'You can just drop by store,thats best way'....I donot know what it means....convo was normal...I didnot made any jokes which Inormally do...any help,if I should folow her up?

    realised that I am desperate to get laid some where deep inside me as I blowed out slightly when I was speaking toher....man....she know how to dress herself up just in black and make herself hot with accessories and tattoos...may be its an indication of how much fashion can help a person...

  2. Session 31 HOUR 15 MINUTES)

    Went to near by shoping store fromjob.Fullof sets.Serious AA.Couldnot open.

    Finally went into one store and opened one 40+ hired gun with direct and forgot suddenly howtoadvance and ejected.

  3. The following session cannot be consdered as Day Game:

    Session 4:

    In the town I amliving,there is some army celebrations...very big for locals.Landlord invited me for big breakfast with his friends and he invited all inmates.I share house with 8 people.Went in confidently,spoke to some new people.Took number of male old artist/sculpture just to visit him and get some experience about art.
    couldnot open any chics.But spoke to many new people.

    Then went to army celebrations with my roomies(some white girls and guys).Inner Game is shit.Enjoyed parade.Congratulated one family.Then one of my roomie invited us to join his friends in a pub.Went there.Hot Blonds.Everyone seated.Have noplace for me.They wanted me to sit on their lap.May be because of shitty inner game today,couldnot stand there.Said I will go inside and check out and comeback.Went Inside and stood near bar and felt really bad about my life situation.Then opened one oldman.Ejected.

    Said Goodbye to my roomies saying that Iam going for someother pub and came home and slept.

    Understood that my innergame is a bit shit today and also same old problem of DEALING WITH YOUNG HOT WOMEN.God.Please bless me with energy and courage to get laid with atleast one hot blond young girl by the end of this summer.Your SON is Dying.*L*

    Have serious goal to interact with young hot women.I go to MILFs as I donot feel threatened and also I get attracted for some reason to them.Should stop this.Been with only two women in my life.They are no way HOT.

    Any Comments Bros

  4. Session 51 hour)

    Went early from job to nearby shopping mall.Lost interest to work seriously like before.Have to take job seriously together with Gaming.

    Ok.AA as usual.couldnot approach sets.not so many though.Went around for a while.

    Opened one hired gun(20+ ) asking for xxxx shop and ejected.

    Then went around and missed two MILFs because of AA.Then went into one big store and opened one MILF(30 +)....couldnot continue.Just ejeced.could have pushed myself.

    saw some good MILFs and one hot 20+ overall today but because of AA and social pressure,couldnot open.Anyway,OK for today as I opened atleast one with direct.She smiled.

    How to open 30+ sets having one or two kids and doing shopping?can I go direct or is it wierd....

  5. hello guys

    any advices on how to deal with 40+ hired gun(THE art shop owner with tattos) I gamed in Session 2?

    how to open a single set with kids?is direct OK?

  6. #6

    The 40+ is she doesn't even answer, nothing you can do really.

    I would open kids first and than open the woman itself.

  7. Hi Bogs


    I amnot talking about 40+ woman in Session 1 but 40+ hired gun from Second Session.She is hot man...

    Regarding opening children.....I often see MILFs with 3-6 year old kid/kids....how can I open 3-6 yr old kids...

  8. Session 6:

    duration:1.5 hour
    approaches:2(0 nr close)

    went to nearby shopping mall after work.started walking around.serious AA.couldnot approach any moving sets.went to a foodstore and saw some sets...couldnot approach...then approached one average looking MILF...direct opener...she was elated and said thanks and left immdeiately..seemed like she is in hurry...

    then went to see if my hot 40+ tattoed art shop owner from session 2 is working...can't get enough of her...but she seems to be off today...then went to one other food store...opened one BBW 40+(not a beauty)...she responded positively and started talking...felt pressured by all people walking in that busy store...so just ejected...Have to improve myself in handling social pressure and keeping up conversation....

    just feels frustrating with so much AA...so far didnot approach even one young girl...peeing in my pants whenever I try it....

    eventhough I donot feel so bad at the moment but it feels so unlucky that I couldnot lay even one beautiful woman till today when I see guys who must have had great sex life with atleast one hotty by the time they turn 30...It sucks....I willkeep up the fight....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonidas_ View Post

    I amnot talking about 40+ woman in Session 1 but 40+ hired gun from Second Session.She is hot man...

    Regarding opening children.....I often see MILFs with 3-6 year old kid/kids....how can I open 3-6 yr old kids...
    Then open her with something situational that relates to her kids. Just make it positive.

    Same apply if she is with dog.

    People love their kids or pets, those things bring value and meaning to their lives, so it is good way to steer positive emotions, she will not be able to help herself but talk to you and be very good to you.

  10. Session 7:
    Duration:3.5hrs(with many breaks because of travel inside city)
    oppurtunities:around 15
    approaches:4(0 nr close)

    Though of day gaming at three different malls,just to see how it goes.there is little travel in between malls which kinda killed my state.so its not recommendable.

    Anyway...first went to one mall...saw some MILFs...but AA stopped me again...then travelled to other mall....lots of sets(all MILFs)...AA again but managed to open one...she seemed to be retard as she didnot react ... ejected in good mood...travelled to another mall..went around quite a long time but couldnot open any...finally opened one and she is married but reacted very positively...couldnot continue convo because of bad state..wished her and ejected....sucked into bad mood as I have already spent 3 hours with no commendable result...just opened two MILFS and no convo....felt low...started heading back home...pissed off about myself for being such a pussy....on way back home,feeling is strong that I should do more...so went into one store and opened two more MILFs ....now atleast bad mood went away....

    1.Warm up is crucial...Lack of warmup is making me inefficient
    2.Approach is the only one standing between opportunity and sex....if you never approach,you never get one because girl never knows that you even existed.
    3.As soul says....window of oppurtunity opens and closes very fast in day game...
    4.It doesnot matter how woman reacts,just keep talking as it will slowly drag her attention towards you...I suckin this...
    5.Game like a Warrior unafraid of dying but not like a soft man who is trying to hide from pain..This makes HUGE difference...This is BIG lesson I need to embed in my Game
    6.Keep the convo,regardless of who is watching and how crowdy the environment is...and always ask for phone number....who knows,may be she really likes you...

    Any comments,Guys?

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