Why you need to quit Porn. NOW.
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  1. Why you need to quit Porn. NOW.

    Watch this video. It is an eye opener. Made me realize why I could get hard alone but had troubles with other girls.


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    i posted this about a week ago bro i was having the same exact problem. It opened my eyes i felt kind of dumb not correlating the two together.

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    A sedentary lifestyle also leads to a limp noodle. If someone is spending 3-4 hours a night on their computer, that's going to affect their whole body.

    It's not an eye opener, but people should be motivated to going out and dealing with being rejected by women and challenging themselves.

    I was always skeptical about real sex vs what I've seen in porns. Once something is in front of a camera, it becomes theatrical. Even if you're just walking around with a camera, people pose. Same applies in porn.

    Diabetes also causes ED, and a lot of people are getting it because they also live a sedentary lifestyle.

  4. Yea, dont jerk off for like a week and you should be alright. And completely cut out porn. Forever. Going back just throws you all the way back to where you were, and all the time you abstained was for nothing.

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    Well I don't know about cutting out porn FOREVER, I mean we're not monks here, but cutting back by a lot would definitely help

  6. Since I've cut it out, I've found the urge to copulate with "average hoes" more often.

  7. Haha, that is a good thing though. They are good practice for the hot ones.

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    No to charity work please :P

  9. When you aren't at a skill level to get the hotties consistently, sometimes a little charity here and there goes a long way.

  10. really eye opening, thanks for this info.

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