Girlfriend says "not feeling it anymore" what too do?
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  1. Girlfriend says "not feeling it anymore" what too do?

    Dating this girl for the past year, we were suppose to get engaged, till she had some trust issues with me (caught me flirting with other girls online) like 5 months into it. Its long distance, 5 hours by car, 1 hour by plane. We see each other every two weeks. We have been arguing a lot lately, and its hurt our relationship. She told me yesterday "show me that you care, so I can fall back in love with you" and she says shit like "i want my feelings to be where they were." After the online thing i became AFC, so that hurt me a lot. Shes an awesome chick, but does come with a lot of baggage from previous relationships. What should be my next step to try to salvage this relationship?

  2. Is she worth the hassle? Was her not trusting you warranted? Why is she so awesome?

  3. I think shes worth the hassle, shes smart, good personality, good looking, we get along when we are together, but argue when we are apart. It was warranted. She wants this relationship to work, but like i said earlier she wants her feelings to change. What to do?

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    My last relationship, the one I'm recovering from, had some similarities with yours in terms of fighting a lot.
    Then I noticed that she was not feeling it anymore, but I made the huge mistake of trying to make it last as much as possible in the hopes she might change or the relationship would get fixed. I was so wrong and I regret doing that.

    I should have broken up with her the moment I realized she was not into me anymore. At that moment, I didn't want to admit because I was so in love, and in some way totally blinded.

    I suggest you stop seeing her and telling her that you want the relationship to work, but if she doesn't feel the same way thing will be much better with both of you going their separate ways.

    Just be honest with yourself, and remember that she doesn't need to be reminded that you love, she already knows it.

  5. Charly26!!! I could not have said it better myself!! Don't hang around like a chump allowing her to have her cake and eat it too. Just cut off all contact. It sucks but it is certainly the best time of year to do it. Never be afraid to bail on a relationship. This very mentality makes you more attractive. Plus self respect is huge. You'll hate yourself less the less time you sit there and allow her to lose more and more attraction for you.

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    I really hope the Op takes our advice. Honestly speaking, it would reduce the possible pain he might endure if she continues in that relationship with someone who clearly has stated that is not interested anymore.

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    Ran into this shit myself where the interest was fading...arguing (they argue for the drama and emotional high I think)

    Few months back my LTG started arguing and I told her stop or I'm leaving. 5 mins later still bitchin so I got up and left. Came back a few days later and the same exact scenario ! This time she called and I took the call. Told her "If you want to see me get your ass over here now and be prepared to fuck". She came over and I talked w/ her - kept my distance then made the bold move kissed her and took her into the bedroom and gave her an adventure she'll never forget. Haven't heard any shit from her since - she needed to be swept away like a adventure novel or something.

    I think you can construct your own adventure w/ your girl. When she says "I want my feelings were they were" that screams break her out of routine and the bold move gets it done.

  8. I do like that tale. Yes if you can get things to a place where she is initiating contact with you (not vice versa) and then tell her in your own confident way (whatever has worked with your specific girl when you have been at your best) then I like it. Demand that if she wants to get to see you then she can come over and be prepared to fuck. I love it! Pretty funny. If it offends her or she doesn't feel that way, then who cares? You've lost nothing. If it works-the amen! Either way you have kept your humor and your self respect. I'm giving this 4 gold stars peeps!

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