Cajun & Tenmagnet Bootcamp - Toronto May 2011
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    Cajun & Tenmagnet Bootcamp - Toronto May 2011

    All I have to say is wow, Cajun & Tenmagnet are FUCKING awsome, they have everything sorted from the info they were giving us in the seminars to teaching us out in the field.

    Just reading about pick up on the internet was not getting me anywhere and the choice to go to a bootcamp was a bit iffy for me, but I took the chance and I have to say it was the best thing I could have done.... Cajun and Tenmagnet pushed me out in the field and showed me what I was doing wrong and nothing can compare to that type of experience. There wasn't a student who didn't enjoy him self, GREAT WEEKEND. My life and confidence has definitely changed and allot of light bulbs went off for me this weekend. I would recomend to anyone if they are looking to get better with women. I now have the push I need to approch any Hot girl and get results, and the more I practice the better I get.

    Thanks Cajun & Tenmagnet I owe it all to you guys!!!


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    I have to agree...

    You know how some of your professors in school would give half-hearted lectures, or showed up with a hangover? Kind of understandable given that they teach full-time, but you pay your tuition and hope for some value for your dollar, with a subject expert that is theoretically there for the students. University is very hit and miss.

    Well, Love Systems is better than University. Which brings me to Tenmagnet & Cajun... both well known in the community... would their reputation overshadow their human selves?

    They did not disappoint

    I've read a lot about the art of pickup, and even took a bootcamp two years ago from a different outfit (which was worthwhile), but I have to say these guys were able to impart instruction in a way that is impossible from the written page, exceeding my expectations.

    Some people can do but can't teach, others can teach but can't do. Cajun & Tenmagnet can do both.

    As the saying goes, "you had to be there."

    Thanks guys, you hit the ball out of the park

    And a special thanks to Nick Savoy at Love Systems - I registered late, in a rush, with questions, and he was a great professional, getting back to me quickly (literally minutes in one case... he must have been on his computer when I sent my email), and was able to process my order so I could take the bootcamp.

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    Cajun and Tenmagnet are absolute professionals

    So 2 weeks ago, I was one of six students attending the Toronto bootcamp with Cajun and Tenmagnet. Here's my take.

    I'm a recent university grad whose long term relationship ended when I graduated, and I've never been good at approaching women or turning friendly interactions into more. That changed completely over the weekend. Right off the bat, I knew Cajun and Tenmagnet were complete pros. They gave us a rundown of their stories, and got right into it. Having been to hundreds of lectures with good and bad profs, I can tell you these guys are excellent teachers. They're engaging, they know their material (bolstered by thousands of approaches and years of experience), and I found it surprisingly useful to see these two demonstrate the delivery for pick-up material. There really isn't a substitute for seeing them up close, studying the body language and subtle intonations to this stuff.

    In the field, the two delivered exactly what I needed: an encouraging but firm hand to force me into this, and helpful suggestions for the next approach. They gauged all of us well, and pushed us out of our comfort zones. I learned so much; one of the most important things being that you can walk up to random women, sit and talk with them, and provided your body language is correct, they are totally okay with it. Having read "The Game" and "Magic Bullets", I was still skeptical about this. With Cajun and Tenmagnet's guidance, I learned it is overwhelmingly true.

    On Saturday and Sunday, all of us got personalized run-downs of the previous evenings, and Cajun and Tenmagnet got right to what we did well and what we need to work on. In this regard, they are both professionals with regard to their observational skills and advice tailoring.

    I won't lie, I was skeptical before I signed up; I wondered if I could justify the cost of the bootcamp to myself. But I can safely say now that it was absolutely worth it. My friends say I've changed. I hold my head high, and make strong eye-contact with everyone I interact with. I enjoy talking to people more, be it attractive women or the guy behind the coffee counter. Cajun said "most men live their lives in quiet desperation". These men wonder how they ended up where they are without ever reaching for their dreams. These men accept that, and live a quiet life. After this course, I refuse to be like that. "Being scared isn't a reason to not do something" - Tenmagnet.

    To wrap it up here, Cajun and Tenmagnet are also just cool guys in general. Social, funny, able to put you at ease when you're doing something that previously has terrified you. So when you put together the proven Love Systems framework with two great teachers, you get a life-changing, awesome weekend.

    So well done Cajun + Tenmagnet. I'll be looking back at this time when I'm 40, happy as hell I did this.

    PS. I'm a Redditor so of course I had to make a rage comic to sum up the first night:

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