Fader Bootcamp - Orlando, April 2011

This was a reivew that was posted on the Lounge. For those who have access to the lounge you can see the review under the forum section for Bootcamp Alumni & Follow Up. For those that do not here it is:

Fader is one of the best instructors, of anything, that I've ever met. It's normally very difficult for me to pay attention but was able to pretty much soak consecutive hours of his material. In field, he had an impressive ability to not only spot our various sticking points, but to understand each of our learning styles and tailor his instruction to each one of us.

He was relentless. He pushed me way past my comfort zone and when I became comfortable with that comfort zone, he pushed me again.

On the second night, my problem, ironically, was that the sets were going so well that they were lasting a lot longer than I wanted them to go. (I just wanted to experience as many sets while Fader was there with me)

The first set of the second night lasted for an hour. Great looking group. That was a "first" for me and I had never felt so comfortable opening and taking control of a fun conversation with a group of good looking women. I'll never forget it.

I feel like I look at the world with a different set of eyes, now. It's become so cliche but my life has changed. Thanks, Fader.