where to take the boot camp?
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    where to take the boot camp?

    hello all! I am interested in taking a boot camp this year...

    lucky for me i can travel to anywhere in the world to take it... (due to my work style, some contacts with airlines, etc) there is not really a limitation on where to go... what place would u recommend the most? in terms of:

    *night life *beautiful women * beauty of the city itself * venues * the possibility of both day and night game ....plus any other factors

    looking fwd to hear ur responses and opinions

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    Your hometown. Some guys get a weird self-limiting belief when they get home like, "Oh, the girls in Cleveland must be friendlier than where I'm from."

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    I am taking my boot camp in Miami this weekend with Mr. M. They have 2 seats left for it. I talk to a lot of people that have been to Miami, not the boot camp part of it, they said Miami is very nice a lot of fine women down there.

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    It comes down to personal preference honestly. Each city has its own benefits. For myself I would say Miami just because I love the girls there, the nightlife, and so on fits my likes perfectly. It might be different for you though so I'd be glad to talk with you in more depth about this having visited various cities for bootcamps plus hearing back from students in nearly every place we've held programs around the world. I sent you a private message so go ahead and respond back to me there.

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