Can't get her to orgasm

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    Can't get her to orgasm

    I've been seeing this girl for a couple months...she seems to enjoy sex but told me she has never had an orgasm ever (she is 32). I've tried all the positions from the "2 girls teach sex" materials with no luck.

    She seems to enjoy those positions a she makes lots of noise, I always think she's close, but she can never seem to come.

    I also apply the sex god method (I'm very dominant, I physically dominate her, make her call me the boss, make her beg me for my dick etc, I tell her I own her pussy, etc...she seems to love all that stuff too) but its not enough.

    There is a language barrier between us....she's french. Her english and my french are both about the same level (intermediate), so communication is somewhat limited but even so we still enjoy seeing each other and we do hang out outside the bedroom and have fun, so its not just a sexual relationship.

    I don't know what else to try at this point...I think she's telling me the truth when she says no guy has ever given her a full orgasm (though its possible she's lying). I really want to fully satisfy her but I can't figure out what to try next.

    I've never had this problem before...since I started using the sex god method all my girls have been satisfied, except this one.

    Any advice?

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    Does this include fingering as well? I find its a lot easier to make some girls cum from fingering than through sex....

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    She won't come through fingering either...she enjoys it but it doesn't push her over the edge. I've tried the "come hither" motion lots of times with nothing. I've also tried oral and fingering at the same time...nothing works

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    Some girls just simply can't get into a mind frame of relaxation to allow orgasms to happen. Sucks, but its just part of life. Is not being able to make her cum a deal breaker for you?

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    Do an oil massage ..never fails to relax it for an hour or so then start sex ..

  6. Get a good electric dildo, the kind that has a small rapidly vibrating part for the clitoris, (or you can also just get a "bullet"). That's what worked for my girlfriend the first time. After she starts having orgasms, it becomes easier and easier for her as well.

  7. you have researched and exhausted all avenues, its really up to her now.

    from my experience, the woman that have battled most with achieving orgasm have been those girls/woman most uncomfortable with touching themselves, masturbating, achieving an orgasm through themselves alone. They seemingly know less about their bodies and as such, are less able to relax, be comfortable with heightened states of arousal.

    the best you can do now is enjoy yourselves AND do not focus on her achieving orgasm, this will just make her insecure.

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    If she can't give herself an orgasm, you're going to be hitting a brick wall trying to do everything you can to give her one.

    It's only been a couple of months, the best thing to do is get her to loosen up and bring her guard down a bit, and if it happens, it happens. I could understand someone with lack of experience that isn't comfortable with their sexuality, but someone in their early 30s?

    You know a chick is comfortable around you when she pees with the door open.

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