Office Game: Help me out!
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    Office Game: Help me out!

    I will be pretty precise in my story. I don't like to bore you out with a two-page saga.

    I joined an office. I was introduced to some hottie by some guys. I made friends, was trying to play it cool...just chat with her through office Skype. I in fact started flirting with her, but just a bit in a very fun way.

    And I liked another girl very much from the first day I saw her. I asked her Skype. Just wanted to have a chat with her. And this created the whole problem. Some guys are kinda badmouthing me behind my back to these girls. Too much confusion.

    Don't worry. I still act Alpha. That's how I am anyway. But I am just getting fed up with this office politics.

    What do you think should I do?

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    Don't shit where you eat. Go find chicks to date that you don't work with.
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