A translation of every girl's OkCupid profile

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  1. A translation of every girl's OkCupid profile

    Sure, on the surface, all girls seem different, but they are all connected by the things they look for in a guy, which is not necessarily explicit in their profile. The key points can easily be interpreted. I've been on OkCupid for a year and a half, and have discovered all this through experience, and through a simple dissection of expressions that every girl seems to have written on their profile.

    About me: List of qualities that make them seem open and warm, despite the fact they will scan your profile for 10 seconds before deciding to most likely (not) explore you as an option any further.

    What I'm doing with my life: A description of their current work status, which usually is nothing too impressive. However, they will spice it up by mentioning how much they love their job, and the aspirations they have relating to it....when in reality, like everyone else, they sit in a cubicle and are on Facebook half the day, waiting for 5 o'clock to come.

    *Grad school seems to be prevalent amongst girls with OkCupid profiles. I think this is to weed out those who never graduated from college. The fact is there is nothing impressive about a person who plans on going to grad school. Anyone can say they plan to do anything. If a girl says she plans on going to grad school at some point, it means she is most likely not going. She only says this to make herself seem like someone who is always going to aspire for something else and thus pressure you to do the same.

    ***I'm actually in law school. Grad school, by and large, is a waste. Ask anyone who has ever been through it. A master's degree is worthless. It may be necessary for teaching, but it doesn't justify itself when you consider the salary of teachers. MBAs don't always do something for a person's financial career---you can climb the ladder without one. A phD is nice as long as it is in the sciences or engineering, but it's mostly geared towards someone who wants to do research, which will not make someone a millionaire. This is where girls begin to lose their credibility.

    I spend a lot of time thinking about: My future. <-------This has no value or meaning whatsoever.

    You should message me if: Okay, here comes the grand finale.

    "If you are driven yet know how to relax."<--------Always be climbing the ladder, but have enough time to cater to my needs. Test it out this way: Say you are trying to write a novel, and hope it gets published. This takes a lot of ambition, but a girl will say something like "Wow, that's awesome," and you'll never hear from her again. This is code for: I am looking for someone who is either making a lot of money, or will always have the potential to earn more.

    "You are confident": You are good-looking. There's a reason, and it isn't purely mental, why the most confident guys tend to be the best looking. There's a reason why fat guys spend a lot of time in the basement playing videogames and watching TV. It's because people with certain raw materials have an advantage over guys who lack such materials, and therefore get more girls, which instills in them more confidence. Confidence and self-esteem are not exactly the same. A person can have high self-esteem and be happy with who they are, but perhaps are realistic about their odds of doing something.

    Being confident also basically means you are so secure that a girl can stand by and do nothing while you keep her going.

    "If you can keep up": Keep me entertained.

    So these are just some of the things I've realized....girls aren't really any less superficial than many guys .

  2. You wrote something nice
    I think you are missing few things Like women who mention about their Kids, Their Hobbies and their drama!

  3. #3

    You summed it up pretty nicely. OKC is like any other dating site, but a lot of the girls seem more pretentious. That said, I've had some success there, so I guess it has its pros and cons...

  4. "I like the odd crazy night out with my friends and am also happy spending nights in on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a DVD". Probably also reads "The Twilight Series", whatever the hell that is, and has friends "who are really important to her".

    Sometimes you get an interesting girl who writes things you can actually respond to in your first message (without something pointless like "did you have a good weekend?") but you're lucky when these come along.

    Most women are quite interesting in real life, but not so many are good at bringing it out in writing on the internet.

    Edit: there's a secretary in my office who's on match.com over here, and according to her profile, she "works in corporate finance". Hmm, kind of...

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