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    The Parents..

    So I've never met the parents of my gf and next week is going to be the first time. You guys got any tips to leave a good impression and what to walk about?

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    lose your piercings, covering up your tattoos, clip your finger nails, unibrows etc. Wear nice pants, nice shirt with safe colors. Do not use profanity, talk about religion, family and career, be sure to compliment her mom's cooking or her dad's career achievements, praise their gardening and her dad's handmade furniture. Try to pick up the bill if you're at a restruant. Get a blowjob / have wild monkey sex with their daughter in the restraunt/house bathroom

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    ^LOL. good points there.

    Just to add try and maintain a positive attitude. Also do some recon before heading into battle. Know what your walking into ask her questions before meeting them. Finding out what type of personality that have and if they are religious, easy going, jokers, uptight, potheads, etc... and adjust to there lifestyle goes a long way.

    I've won over every girls parents I've met. Being confident, funny, centre of attention and well spoken does wonders.

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    Depends on what she's told you about them. If she has a track record of dating scrubs and you're DHVing the shit out of yourself, but at the same time being humble about it, they'll start calling you son in law.

    I don't agree with picking up the check at 20 if you're going out with her family. Late 20s and up, different story. You might be working, they might not be, but there's a huge pride issue going on, and will be doing home cooked meals. The head of household should be picking up the check if they're taking you out. Just offer to pay the tip, but have enough to cover your own meal.

    How long are you going to be hanging with them?

    The first time is usually going to be kind of formal, but over time, you'll loosen up a bit, but you have to be careful how much you tell them.

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