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    ALL THE KIEV PLAYERS: Instructions for use

    Dear friends, this russian section of the Forum is, as a matter of fact, dead. Amen.
    Sorry, but if in the first page still appear posts dated 2008 then it is clear that my statement is unfortunately very near to reality.
    It is not funny to read all the desperate posts from foreign PUA friends asking for wings and noticing that they had zero replies after months..
    So whose fault is this? Well, for sure we have to partially blame the friends organizing this forum that by excluding all the russian and ukrainian lay-reports from this section made the russian section look more like the corner of Granny Matilda with suggestions on how to prepare good cakes and tasty fruit jams...
    Sorry guys, it is not a question of derespect, I am just trying to give some suggestions on how to make things moving in here, hoping that you will not ban me..
    But beside this, we also need to say that most of all we need to blame all us local players, everybody going by his own way...

    I know, personally, or through others, most of the Kiev players, so let me put in words the present situation with few words about everybody.
    Kiev Lair: I met the guys of Kiev Lair some time ago and I have to say that the level of enthusiasm is surely high, as well as their propension towards me was surely positive, sarging together in the streets for a short while. Also I noticed that the projects that we were discussing about are soon going to be reality, so keep going like this guys. But please, let me also focus the attention on few other specific things. First of all your web site is only in russian, cutting off any possible foreign PUA. Second, I noticed that, due to the very young age of the players in their teens, day-game is basically the only one performed. So the club-indirect-game (Mystery method) is basically not applied and as a matter of fact winging is not in use (direct day-game usually doesn't need any winging).
    Other Ukrainian PUAs: there are very few, and usually they get to know girls through their social network. As a matter of fact building a social network takes time and a good effort, so they are not willing to share their background with other PUAs that might become their competitors. My impression is that for them the community is good for informations and sometimes for bragging, but not for a real confrontation and personal mutual development.
    Ukrainian Naturals: I meet the same faces basically every night I am out, and some of them are even good friends. The limit is that they know nothing about the pick up world and that they go for numbers. But if you are not the kind of guy willing to wait 4 a.m. in clubs in order to pick up the drunkiest chicks, then they will be useless as wings.
    Foreign Players: personally I have seen and known only two groups of foreigners in the field that permantely live in Kiev: two french guys playing through social network, and a small group of turkish guys again playing through social network. These guys are no fun, have no idea of how to attract a woman, and basically heavvily use the "money card" with the girls around them. Personally speaking, unless you are turkish and muslim it is impossible to join the turkish group, while I met both the two french guys: one is quite a cool person, while the other one is very negative. Anyway none of the two groups will wellcome any player or any sort of winging.
    Foreign Naturals: again I know most of them if not all of them. One american, two italians, one french. This is about all. At least they are fun, most of them good friends too. But all of them ready to steal your target as soon as you neg her, or trying to Amog you with the girl you came with... quite depressing, isn't it? The sad part is that they don't even realize to do it, they just need to be the center of attention in any situation. Winging with them? Oh please...

    In short in kiev the concept of winging is unknown and everybody is too damned jealous of his little success to bother to join other friends from the community. I believe that this happens in part because of the fear of competition, and in part because it is always hard to admit to ourselves that there are other people that can be better than us and from whom we might even learn something.
    But in this way the community doesn't evolve, players have a hard time to improve, there are no examples to look at and the sense of the community itself, being givers and always having a positive energy is un-heard and un-applied.

    Well guys, of course everything I wrote is meant to be provocative, hoping in some form of reaction from all readers involved, but at the same time is also the hard reality.
    So at least all the friends posting in this section looking for wings from now on will know why they will never get any answer from anybody.
    Hoping not be banned, I wish the best to you all

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    Actually I made a mistake: there are posts even of 2006 in the first page of this russian section...

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    ZarSoul - amen.

    I'm down here in Odessa, and you're absolutely right. The fact is, there are so many hot girls to work with - that this AMOGing and hitting on your target is simply a demonstration that people need to work on their opening game.

    If you're in town and want a wing, give me a heads up as I don't make it to Kiev very often.

  4. A year passed by.
    Things have changed.
    Day Game, Night Game, Evening, Morning Game , often private parties etc.

    Want to chill out with us and have fun?
    You're welcome. PM me.

    Kiev Lair

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    Hello guys, I am looking for a wing in Kiev. I came from India a couple of days ago and i used to pick up a lot and even did direct approaches and one night stands. I want to go in the filed again and look for a wingman. Let meet somewhere. I dont ahvea cell phone number yet but will get it very soon. Looking forward to your reply,

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    Interesting reading, at least someone on this thread replied fairly recently (5/12). I'm looking to go through Kiev and then Odessa (perhaps in reverse) in a few days spending maybe a week in both places and am looking for some normal guys to meetup with. I've been at this for a while but am a bit rusty. It's a little intimidating traveling to these places alone (and not speaking Russian) but I've heard great things. Anyway feel free to PM me or just reply to the thread.

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