I want to have sex with my ex, but she has a boyfriend
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    I want to have sex with my ex, but she has a boyfriend

    Skip to last paragraph if you just want to read my question.

    I was with this girl for 8 years, and we were engaged to get married and shit, and then we broke up like 7 months ago and called off the engagement. We kept fucking for a while until about a month ago. She has a boyfriend now and has been banging him.

    I'm going to hang with her in a couple of days. I really want to fuck her for several reasons. First, I love her to death and hope someday we will be together again and get married. Second, I just want to fuck her... third, I'm hoping she will be thinking about me and missing me after the date (especially if I don't contact her). And finally, I must admit I hope if she was fucking me the chances of her relationship failing would be better. She still loves me, and is still jealous of other girls, but she apparently loves her new boyfriend too (not sure if it's a crush of real love). If it doesn't work out between them she will be back with me and we will get married and move to the beach and live happily ever after.

    So, I'm trying to figure out how to bang her when I see her again. I don't think it will be too hard, but I really want it to be special, and I don't want her fighting "no" in her head the whole time like she's cheating on her new boyfriend.

    She will be expecting me to hit on her when I pick her up, so I'm going to try and be cool and not hit on her or show interest at all. I'm not going to talk about us or how much I love her etc. However, I do want to drop hints and get her mind in a sexual mode. Like sticking my tongue out at her in a playful way, caressing her leg in the car, "accidentally" showing her a pic of a girl getting her pussy eaten (porn turns her on)...

    When I actually do start making moves on her later in the evening, I don't want her to be thinking about cheating on her boyfriend the whole time. I want her to be relaxed and comfortable and enjoy being with me. I'm guessing I need to keep talking to her while I turn her on so she doesn't have time to think "no." Also, I'm not sure where to take her. She wants to go to a restaurant or a movie. I'm not really wanting to do that cuz we can't do shit in a theater, not even talk... and a restaurant, well yea.

    I'm thinking maybe shopping, trying on cute little outfits for an hour or so, then maybe a picnic when the sun is going down... I'm really not sure. She can't be out all night at a club or anything.

    Basically I need some tips on how to keep her from thinking about cheating on her boyfriend when I'm turning her on, and some date ideas where I can actually put some moves on her. I'll probably start with a massage or slow dancing, which I obviously can't do in a theater or restaurant.

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    Also, I know the thing to do is to back off and let her live her life and to find a new girl... but she still loves me and wants to see me, and I love her to death. Yesterday I ignored her calls all day long because she told me she fucked this guy, and sucked his cock a few weeks ago. It was really hard to ignore her calls, and she was getting more desperate to contact me. So, it's not cut and dry like, she has a new man now and I need to move on with life. I wish I could let go and get over her, but I'm not at the point where I can do that right now.

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    No one can help you here.... This is so ridiculous, that it almost laughable. If you think she'll sleep with you, then just do what you always do.

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    You spent most of your 20s with her, and had all the great sex you could ask for from her. Why not move on to someone else? I would LJBF her because you know you could have her, but if you're trying to move on from her, this doesn't help. I'd rather see her try to move on and see what happens, instead of trying to tempt her.

    You're talking about getting her back in a relationship. You're talking about this as a real date. She prob. told you she fucked him to get you to react to it.

    She's prob. not serious about him right now. I'd only bang her if I had no intention of getting back together with her, or while I was hanging with her, she calls him up right in front of me and dumps him.

    I don't like confusing chicks. If you and her realize that what you both had was better than what's out there, then work things out with her.

    You had 8 years to work on the relationship and take it to the next level. Some couples do break up after getting engaged, date other people, then realize what they had was good.

    To me, knowing she has another guy in her life would make me kind of sad.

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