is Plenty of Fish any good?

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    is Plenty of Fish any good?

    I know lots of people use it, and my friends roommate apparently has 5 or 6 girls on the go that he met from POF (and my friend says their hot). I was just browsing through it and as I suspected most of the girls on there aren't that attractive. Has anyone had any success on that site and gotten any quality girls from it?

  2. Everyone's quality is different. It's like everything else and is what you make of it. Just like real life there are not very many 10's but there are lots of 7-8s with the tore up woman also. And if you're like me if you like woman a little thicker or would date a single mom then POF is like a gold mine haha

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    hahaha to above..yeah milfs galore...

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    lol sorry i laughed when i heard this title of this thread.

    POF is by far the most successful free dating website on the planet hands down. If you master your online game and create the right profile you will get girls. But it takes practice just like any other type of game.

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    My honest opinion... It's alright. Just alright.

    I'm in the UK and also in a town rather than city at the moment. With that in mind, there's not a lot to choose from in my immediate area unfortunately. Works better when you're in a city I'd say. I've met a couple of girls from it but most of it, given the nature of me travelling around a bit more, has been online chat only so far. It's still something fun to do when you're bored!

    Though remember it should never be a substitute for your real life game.

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    ^small town goes the same for any game I grew up in a town of 800 people.
    Any area where the population is low there will be less chances for anything from girls to used car lots. Way she goes.

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    Just don't go into it expecting to meet your future wife. It's cool to date and meet girls, but to me, it's like the bar of dating sites. I've noticed a lot of flakes and women with egos larger than they need to be. But it is what it is...

    OKCupid on the other hand, is pretty decent, but the girls there are very, how do I put this? "Free spirits"...that's the best way I can describe it.

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    heres my opinion on the site:

    its good if-
    -your looking to just get laid
    -you have low standards on women
    -you are bored
    -you are shy and cant meet women in person
    -you are busy but want to pick chicks up

    I used to be a big advocate of the site. it got me laid, and kept me from being lonely. BUT!!!! i came to realize the quality of chicks i was getting off there was very low par. if they were not fatties with 8 kids and no job, they were psychos that honestly scared me sometimes. the majority of the women on POF are not good for much other than one night stands. im not saying you cant meet your future GF/wife but i would doubt it. i took a couple month break from the site after the last crazy chick i met off there, but have recently been trying it again. but damn, the selection of chicks in my area is horrible! I might take a look at OKcupid if i were you. just a thought.

    funny thing i came up with for Plenty O Fish is POF= Plenty Of Fatties or Plenty Of Freakin crazy'

    Have fun!

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    Lol, thanks for the input. My city is legendary for the high ratio of hot girls, but POF is only showing 99% low quality ones which isnt surprising. Im just looking for girls to fool around with and practice game on. So I might give it a shot. And ill check out that OKcupid one.


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    Living in a large city is a crucial advantage for all dating sites. I tested my old PoF profile with a London postcode and I got more views, unsolicited messages and replies than I did with my small town profile.

    If you are from a small town, the likelihood is that you'll tap out the limited stock of girls quite quickly so make sure that your profile is sharp from Day 1. The first three days of your profile's life are important on PoF because this is when it will get extra exposure as a new user. Personally, I think that old profiles are DLV and that the law of diminishing returns applies.

    If you are on a pay site, I don't think that taking out multiple months memberships is as good value as it appears because of the law of diminishing returns. Better sign up again with a new profile which will appear in girls' email alerts and pay for a month.

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