Where to sarge if you don't like clubs or bars.

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    Where to sarge if you don't like clubs or bars.

    Clubs and bars tend to be one of the most common places for guys to start running game but many have problems with these places due to different reasons like their under 21 and can't get in to some places or they may just not feel comfortable going to bars and clubs which is fine but a common question I still see get asked on the forums is "where can I go to talk to girls?"
    The short answer is simple "wherever there's girls/women" which is more or less everywhere but I wanted to give a much more in depth answer to that.

    A good way to start is have a look at this Interview series Vol.36 - LS in everyday life with Big Business and Prestige the interview series links will let you listen to the first 10min for free.

    Day-game (Street).

    If night game in bars or clubs isn't your thing then the most simple answer is to go day game.
    Day game is as it sounds, its done in the day almost anywhere and everywhere, pop out on the street and open sets and girls whenever you walk past someone.

    Parks, shopping centre's/malls, public streets.

    The streets themself's become your playground and when the sun is out and times of the year like summer is on us girls will be out everywhere and it can be every bit as good in terms of the choice's you have to any bar or club and one of the real benefits of day game is you won't need a wing or anyone with you, it can be done fine when your alone and you'll also be able to talk to girls who are also alone which is something you don't see much in a club.

    List of related info and products for day-game:
    Daytime Dating ebook by Soul
    Interview series Vol.41 - Sarging solo with Savoy and Prestige.
    Interview series vol.50 with Soul and Bonsai
    Daygame sub forum
    Daygame bootcamps and workshops

    Public Transport.

    This ties in much with the above Daytime gaming, I'm not saying however make it your misson to go around on public transport just to get talking ot girls but what I am saying is when your are already on a bus/train or even a plane if your sitting with or near a girl/woman that catches your eye then make a move and open.
    Many guys make the mistake (something I've done myself a lot as well) is wait to find the 'perfect set' to open and make excuses to themselfs as to why they 'can't/shouldn't' open that set or girl.
    The truth is there is no perfect set, just get used to opening and if your sitting on a bus next to or near a girl you like then there really is no good reason not to open.

    As I said before however this is very situational and not something that can really be planed much in advance.

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    Why not? hot girls read books too.

    Many guys may not think about going to a library but it can be a good place to practice, opening isn't hard as you'll have a lot of easy situational openers like looking at a book a girl is looking at and just saying something along the lines of "hey nice choice however let me recommend [add name of author or book title here]" and stack from there.
    A library can be a good place to pratice if you have problems with approach anxiety as you can open with something very simple and situational like "hey what section is xxxxxx in?" and walk away when she answers or "hey can you recommend another title from the same author?" if your standing next to someone looking in the same section as you are then eject after she answers.


    A gym is an awesome place for so many reasons.
    Not only is a good place to build yourself but girls will be everywhere and you can build up a nice social circle for yourself.

    A good way to start this is with the staff, talk to the staff at the reception (guys and girls, get to know as many staff as you can, no matter their gender and age) as this will help show you as a social guy people like as girls will always see you talking with all the staff whenever your not working out with whatever your doing.

    Doing classes is another great way to get to know people, the class intructors will tend to always get to know regulars and become chatty with them and also if you become regular in a gym class you will get to know others from the class which will help build up the social circle even more and will help making opening very easy if there is a girl you want to get to know in that class.

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    Social circle mastery.

    Online dating sites.

    There are many paid and even free online dating sites so you may as well make use of them, POF (plentyoffish) if one of the most popular as its 100% free.

    LS intructor Cajun is making an online dating ebook product however at this time it isn't finished but when it is it will cover the aspects of online game.

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    Gigs, concerts and festivals.

    Very popular places to meet girls are music concerts and festicals.

    Like some of the other places like librarys the openers can be nice easy situational ones that have to do with the music being played and girls will be having such a good time that they will be in a very happy and playful emotional state so bitch shields won't be as much as a problem as they may be in other places like night clubs.


    No I'm not talking about night clubs, I mean hobby and sports clubs.

    if your interested in doing things like walking/hiking or some other social hooby/sport then maybe join a club, not only will you be doing new that you enjoy but you will also get to know more new people and expand on your social circle and meet girls/women with the same interests within the club itself.

    many guys have met some really cool and hoy girls from doing things like taking up dance classes like salsa.

    Hired guns.

    Hired guns are girls who are at work, so that can mean anything from girls who are working in a shop to a bar girl to even strippers.

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    This one can be a little bit of a touchy subject as in general many will say trying to get with a work colleague is a very bad idea for a number of reasons (some places of work won't let its employee's date) but others have had successful relationships from meeting someone they've worked with.

    I would say something like this would only be worth looking into if you work in a large size work area so if it goes bad and doesn't work out things won't get too weird as you both won't be working too close with eachother all the time.

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    where else to sarge? THE WORLD

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    Supersonic71 Guest

    Thank you for sticky-ing this. There's been a new "I hate clubs" thread about every 3 days now.

  4. Clubs are the best, 'cause there you find A LOT of hotties.

    Everywhere else is dead. You game this and that girl, then boom your options are over.

    In clubs your options of hotties to approach is so much higher.

    People should, to quote mystery, "Stop coming with excuses left, right and middle." and go to clubs. nevertheless I like this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Photon1005 View Post
    Clubs are the best, 'cause there you find A LOT of hotties.
    Maybe so however not everyone has that option for various different reasons, some smaller places may not have any good bars/clubs and those that do they may be way too loud, some people can't get into these places due to being in the 18-21 age bracket, its always good to have options.
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    streets (day time) NYC. lots of spots. lots of people.

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    easy bro you go to malls belive it or not walmar target and coffey shops are the best locations ive meet woman plus there classy you dont have to worry on picking up drunk or cougars that have a wisky tabbaco voice

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    I guess, beach parties is a good one if you're living near these places.

    Or why not have your own party at home or at your friend's home.

    If you really want to be in this game, opportunities are there.

    Could be in school, in you neighborhood, in movie theaters, and a lot more places.

    Or you can just wait until you're 21 (haha).

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    How about Church?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by thehrothgar View Post
    How about Church?
    Sure if there are girls there. You can literally sarge anywhere where there are females. I find public transport to be a great one, just go train hopping for a day and see how many different women you can meet. Train approach is very simple and can be broken down into 3 steps:

    1) The reading woman- "Have u got to the part where he kills himself yet"? at which you will be met with shock and then a laugh
    2) Directions-talk about where your going she is going etc
    3) Open with "you know train journeys would be so much more interesting if people actually had conversations"

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