New to Dallas, looking for people to sarge with
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    New to Dallas, looking for people to sarge with

    I'm a 25 year old who just moved to the Dallas area from Seattle for a job. I live in Addison and would like to meet some other dudes my age to hang out and sarge with. I know a few people in the area but don't really have anyone to go to bars with for the most part, and I would like to do some day game too. I'm not an expert in the field but I can do ok, and I do way better if someone is with me to push me. I'm down to sarge in most areas of Dallas. I work an 8-5 job monday through friday, and like I said I live in Addison. I'd like to check out some of the cool spots around here. Feel free to private message me on here. I will check it often.

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    Okay, if you're in Addison, you need to go over to Euless and hang out a Dukes on 183/121 during the weekend days. Go to downtown Dallas and check out deep ellum, or my personal preference, head down to Cowboy's Red River @ loop 12 and NW Highway on any weekend night, from Thursday to Saturday. It's a short trip over to Fort Worth, and lots of places to sarge over there.

    I just moved back to Tulsa after 8 yrs in the DFW area, and I miss it more than you can imagine. I was getting laid EVERY NIGHT! if you have anymore questions, just send me a message and I'll shoot you my cell. I can tell you all the hot spots.

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    Still need a wing?

    Hey, I live in Dallas and I'm always looking for someone to head out with to meet people. I'm pretty busy during the week, but I'm out every weekend. If you're still looking for a wingman, let me know and we'll hit up Big D.

  4. whats up man? i actully jus came here to dallas to work as well... ur age, i probly cant help much as of where the hot spots are to goto but id be down to meet up n sarge 4 sure im not really familiar with where ur at, im in the plano area tho. i do work a lot rite now but weekends im usually off... get at me. if u pm me back itl send an email to my phone i dont keep up a lot on here lately...

  5. I'm a senior at SMU and working 8-4. I can usually find a decent bar with a few 10s. I can't seem to get any of my moron friends to buy into pickup. I also don't go out a lot because I'm trying to break into investment banking and school/work takes up most of my time so pickup has taken the back burner. What kinda work are you guys doing (finance, engineering, law, etc)? I might be interested in going out with you guys if you're down for SMU girls. I really wanna get a group of like 3-4 guys who know pua stuff so we can talk about it between sets. I might be able to do day game on weekends but I've never done day game before (not that it's that much different from night game).

    I have no problem pushing you in the field, but I probably won't push you to come out very often because I don't go out often.

    PM me your name/contact deets on here if you want. I'll probably be starting back up next thursday with one other guy. I'm just gunna spend this weekend applying for like 100 IB jobs and if I don't get anymore interviews I'm just going to have a crisis and just fuck every girl in the world until I'm dead. :[ :[ :[]

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    sarging fort worth texas

    I just came to Fort worth tx, I m 26, graduated from college and looking to sarge especially during the night because that's when I am free however I could still sarge in the morning, let me know.

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    This thread seems to be the most active. I've just moved from cali to plano, TX but I have a car and meeting new guys that have no idea of the area would be hell of a fun time seeing where we end up! Msg me

  8. Mareado....or anyone.

    Can you hit up these places alone and do good with getting some action? I'm new and don't know anyone who likes to go out amongst my few friends. I heard about Cowboys red river and thought of going there by myself.....just want to get an idea on going solo and logistics of it.....thanks.

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