Cajun & Keychain Bootcamp - London, April 2011 (w/ Venture)
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    Cajun & Keychain Bootcamp - London, April 2011 (w/ Venture)


    I read “The Game” as soon as it was published in 2005 and since then I have read every single book and watched every single DVD on the subject of pick up, but never had the guts to put it into practice in the field, so I guess I am the typical internet expert. After watching Cajun in a Keys to The VIP episode on youtube, I was blown away with his skills and decided to bite the bullet and take a bootcamp.

    Day one seminar

    Even though I though I knew everything about the theory, you learn so much in the seminar and it is great to hear all the insights from the instructors who each have a different specialism. The first day is spent covering inner game, opening and transitioning in meticulous detail. I don’t think my pen left the page the whole time.

    Day one infield section.

    We met at the venue at 9pm and were told to do some warm up sets as the instructors would help us from 10pm – 2am. I started the night working with Keychain. This guy is absolutely phenomenal both as a PUA and a teacher. He told me that if I hadn’t opened a set by the time we walked round the club once he would kick my ass! This was the motivation that I needed and I also didn’t want to let him down. He told me to open every set I could see and each time he gave me instant feedback which helped me progress from one set to the next. It was great to have someone there to give you on the spot body language tips and lines to use. I think this is part of the reason why you improve so much in a short space of time as you WILL be approaching a lot of sets and each time getting a little better. Over the course of an evening this really adds up to some serious progress. Before I took this course I had crippling AA, but one thing about Keychain is that he just makes you feel so calm. I also got the bonus of opening some sets on the street, which is a speciality of Keychain and this was one of the highlights of my night as it makes you realise what is possible. Keychain then said he wanted to see me go direct and gave me a quick primer before throwing me into some sets. Another great thing about Keychain is he doesn’t let you take the easy way out and picks really hot girls for you to open. I used a direct approach on a girl that was sat with 8 of her girl friends and by the end of the transaction she said it was the best “chat up” ever and couldn’t believe that I wasn’t married, although she soon changed her mind when I couldn’t remember her name. Oh well.

    The second part of the night I spent with Venture. This guy has to be seen to be believed! He is absolutely lethal with the hottest girls imaginable. He demoed for me by rapidly escalating a stunning “shots girl” in 5 minutes. I could not believe my eyes. His style is very direct and unapologetic and he escalates ridiculously fast. He is also an outstanding teacher and soon I was opening girls with lines I though I would never get away with, by the end of the night I even got the number of another one of the shooters girls who was working in the club and the number didn’t flake!

    I only got to spend a short time with Cajun, but he demoed for me on some really cute girls and just observing his Kino escalation was worth the price of the course. YOU CANT LEARN THIS FROM A BOOK. Cajun also sent me into a few sets with some lines and gave me some really helpful feedback after which was awesome. My verdict of the first night in field was that it far surpassed my expectations and I went away feeling incredible.

    Day two seminarStarted with a debrief from all three coaches. This is absolutely invaluable as they are incredibly detailed and it’s the small things that will make you improve your game the most. The content was mainly about attraction and Kino and we learnt some really good techniques that arn’t published in any books.

    Day two infield

    After the first night I was on a high. I started the evening working with Sam who was one of the approach coaches, but im sure you will soon be seeing his profile on the website as he is also very good. Despite my successes the night before, I felt the second night started badly as my first 7 sets didn’t seem to hook. I was getting a little despondent, but Sam wouldn’t let me give up and kept reminding me that your only one good set away from a good night and he was right. I opened two really pretty girls and this time the set flew open and Sam told me to get to a sit down location and “go kino”, which resulted in a number close. Sam really is a great wingman and helps you stay positive.

    I ended the night working with Venture, which I had been looking forward to all night. Again he was pushing me to open very directly and escalate very quickly. I was getting a little carried away with my lack of approach anxiety and Venture had to save me from getting beaten up a few times, so I owe you one for that mate I took quite a few numbers from some really cute girls, but the climax was a kiss close I got through a direct opener and rapid escalation. My verdict on the second night was that despite a slow start, it ended on a high and I really felt my skills had improved immensely.

    Day three seminar

    Again started with a debrief, which was again invaluable. We then covered comfort and identity before wrapping up.


    This is probably one of the best weekends I have ever had. It was so much fun. One word of warning. There is a reason its called a bootcamp as it is really hard work. I think if you put a lot into it you will get loads out of it. I had severe approach anxiety before I started, but by the end of the weekend I had opened 50 sets. The instructors are not only masters at what they do they are also outstanding teachers and really nice people. I also had a good laugh with all the other students who I will defiantly stay in touch with. SO… STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND BOOK YOUR BOOTCAMP

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    Cajun & Keychain Bootcamp - London, April 2011 (w/ Venture ) - review by Resource

    I read the Mystery Method, The Game, and a few other things, but I always knew that theory and practice were different. And sure enough, reading a few things and going out and doing this stuff is a whole different ballgame.

    I had read Magic Bullets, MM, Game etc, so some of the seminar theory I knew, but it was still great to hear the give and take with and between the instructors. The seminar by itself definitely covered a lot of ground that you won't get in any book.

    The real value, of course, was from combining the insights of the seminar with the infield portion. Here, it was a real eye-opener to see guys like Venture use rock-solid confidence and very ballsy moves in ways that I hadn't realized were possible before.

    It was great, of course, and necessary to be pushed by the instructors to approach (I think may people have approach anxiety in some form or another) and to get through that quickly. It made me realize just how much more I could have gotten out of the seminar if I had only spent more time practicing approaches beforehand. It seemed a shame just doing the basics with all that expertise around, but thats what I needed.

    All the instructors provided good insights, and I would recommend a seminar by any of them. Cajun provided the most interesting seminar material. Keychain was by far the most conscientious in the infield portion, and made the greatest effort to provide tailored feedback. Venture's in-field demonstrations were really impressive. Of the approach coaches, Martin, was especially helpful in the infield portion just by highlighting where my body language was off, case by case.

    Perhaps the greatest value of the seminar, though, came through interacting with the instructors, understanding their thought processes, and thereby seeing clearly that this is a learnable skill, seeing what the path to get there really looks like.

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