FWB relationship management

Hey guys

I have a question about managing relationships with your FWBs. I met a girl through my social circle at a party a few months ago and she instantly told me friend she liked me, who texted that to me, and began to flirt with me. Second time me and my friend met her at a bar, ended up kissing when he went to take a piss, I had some crazy making out in the backseat and then had sex with her.

I saw her a few times after that, mostly drinking and then sex.

1) How can I keep things interesting, not the same old getting drunk and having sex but nothing that sounds like relationship material.

2) She keeps talking about her friends she'd like to introduce me to, she says she told this one friend about me and she's really into me and would like me to meet her, but when we're together and she calls her friend she's always busy. How can I get through to her social circle without making it seem like I just want to meet her to get to her friends?

Look forward to hearing from you guys, thanks!