reporting income on online dating site

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  1. reporting income on online dating site

    Is it a good idea to report income if you make a lot of money? I'm not really looking for a gold digger but I've heard it can be a good thing to do. Always avoided doing it in the past as it felt somewhat try hard. Anyone have a POV on this?

    Mitch Cumstein

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    Definitely not a good idea. Magic Bullets says that telling someone you are rich is a DLV. If you are rich people will just pick up on it without you having to tell them about it. You should never flaunt your wealth

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    If you HAVE to put in something, make it the truth, not less. But if you can avoid writing anything, do that instead, for the reasons KEV says. It is all about showing, not telling.

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    There is a way that people with money and class express themselves that makes it clear they have money without actually saying it. I have seen a lot of profiles that use the term "self-employed," which could actually be an indication of a range of incomes. If you were to say you ran a successful business, that makes it clear without being over the top. Another phrase you might want to incorporate is the idea that you "are fortunate enough to...(whatever the case may be) own your own boat, give back to others, etc." These are more sublte ways of expressing wealth that a golddigger might not have the finesse to discern.

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