Project Morocco (casablanca , marrackech , martil ...)
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  1. Project Morocco (casablanca , marrackech , martil ...)

    Hi guys i know that i'm not the only guy "gaming" so it'll be great to have some community friend to talk about plzz contact me

  2. Default

    I am havin plans for this to move on.

    Dear wannabe PUAs

    I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy.

    We can't decide about a plan whatsoever, since we still haven't met yet. We won't stress ourselves up, it's just a time to party and have fun for both Day and Night Game.

    Let me set one thing in clear lines here: Some guys will say: '' ....You know Morocco is a religious country and the game will never work, girls are kept by their parents all day long in the household, girls are less nicer than europeans, this will never work...blah blah blah'' OR the other version ''...I want to be good at this BUT I dont have enough time now, It's a good thing BUT I am broke, I wanna be a player BUT my looks are bad.....''. If you sympathize with this script aka you are MR. BUTMAN please do not show up to the meeting; simply because it's made STRICTLY FOR POSITIVE PEOPLE.

    Guys, the game has been proved year in and year out. Quit convincing ourselves that we can't do that. If it doesn't fit in Morocco, then why don't we create one that does.

    It's about time to get out of our useless habits and confront our inner demons. don't we have enough tools to do this job?

    Our unconscious mind plays tricks on us, we all know that. We have been trained, thanks to our culture and society, to be followers. The game is about taking decisions and STEP OUTA OUR COMFORT ZONEZ ADRARI.

    We loose nothing if we try new things and see how they fit. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO BE A PUA?

    Persenaly I am interested to meet up for some tough love dudes. We are all amateurs in this game after all.

    Time for feedback. Hit me

  3. I'm in

    I'm in want to exchange numbers? I'll be your wingman and trust me I'll do whatever it takes to make the game succeed here!

  4. A wingman ready to play the GAME

    If you are still looking for a wingman, I'm currently in casablanca, let's catch up.

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