Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - San Francisco, March 2011
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    Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - San Francisco, March 2011

    Walking into the workshop I had next to no experience with cold approach, so with that in mind this are my thoughts on how things went.

    Day 1, met the team, Very friendly, cracking jokes just a good time! Everyone said something about themselves, so quickly you found you weren't alone in the room. First day our in class was informative, we got up too attraction before hitting the field. In the field the instructors were willing to approach anyone you wanted them too, after that when you were ready you started doing your own. The first day i felt under prepared, I think in class should of been longer. Did about 15-20 approaches, then was critqued. The critque was golden, You would do the same wrong things over and over without ever knowing it unless someone watched you. After awhile it starts getting fun!

    Day 2, First thing debrief. Alot of us were pissed off that we barely made any head way. I kept freezing up and losing track of where I was at in the conversation. We all talked about our experience and our common problems. We moved on in the in class on how to keep the conversation going, it helped alot! For the second of day of gaming we went back to the same place, I didn't like that but for the amount of people that were there it really didn't matter. Did about 10-12 approaches. Major turn around in the field! Kept things going socially, and was consciously fixing mistakes from the first day. Again had alot of fun, finished off the day with a huge sense of accomplishment and was feeling good!

    Day 3, Debrief. We all felt much more confident the second day around. We moved on to some other things that day about barriers and other things, some of us were exhausted from going out so much lol.

    Final thoughts: Wicked team! Everyone was friendly, supportive, and focused on helping out. It was great that you could ask any question or ask them to approach anyone for you and they would in a heartbeat. Is it worth the money? First thing you have to do is ask yourself if you are willing to put in the work that it takes to get good. They offer the lounger for long term support, and well as class plus field experience. If you are like me then you would of never started doing this without a workshop. If you want to get a handle on your dating life I think this is the best way to do it.


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    k first off i just wanna say that i had a blast at the work shop I've known about the whole community thing scene 2008 or so but never had the courage to actually go out and sarge this workshop changed that and made it last it would seem...

    AKbaby did a good run down on the chain of events of the work so i'll go a little more personal.

    before the day game workshop i hadn't cold approached any one, like never. there were a few of those half a**ed indirect openers, openers i in truth had no intention of progressing past but they don't count =p.

    my first approach was nerve racking soul pointed the girl out sent me off, it had my legs literary shaking with adrenalin but In truth wasn't all that bad. After that it got progressively easier.

    After the initial meet up i went out with Nick Hoss. i'm not sure what this guy was doing but after about my 5th approach the guy had me motivated enough to be sprinting up escalators after girls. every thing seemed to be going good until i reallized after i hooked 2 seperat girls that i needed to be working on my attraction game. that kinda killed my mood a little so by the time we switched instructors and i was rolling with soul i was pretty burned out. I didn't approach any sets while with soul but the pointers he gave me while i was with him seem to be some of the most useful things i remember post workshop. things like my posture while walking down the street and how i shouldn't be looking around while walking. he evan demoed some attraction stuff for me based off of things in my life all from the top of his head, the shit was creepy good.

    on day two i came pumped. on day one i wasn't sure they would be able to help me get over my AA after they did i stopped doubting them. first i left with Stryker this guy was all about helping right from the start he let us know if we wanted him to demo anything all we had to do was ask and evan though that how all the instructors roll it was nice for him to start off the day with that. Strykers method of teaching seemed to me like an helpful older brother softly encouraging you to push your self. really easy going guy another thing i liked about him is that hes a solo gamer, and solo gaming is pretty much what i prefer to do. and lastly we had dutch this guy really reminded me of one of my drill sergeant and was just what i needed that day. a real quiet dude he had me approach a few sets that i bail on before opening. The first one i did this on he asked so what went wrong there? he didn't look like he was going to buy what i said evan before it left my mouth and after like the 3rd one i bailed on he didn't evan ask me any thing now this could sound harsh but it made me realize i was just bitching out that fired me up. After a bit with him i mentioned that i had a few of approaching group sets. at first i did't think he registered what i had said that but it turned out that he was just looking for cute two sets... by the time i was done sarging with dutch i had approached four 2 sets and one 3 set. another thing i liked about dutch is all the girls he sent me after we supper cute when i opened that three set for instance i was blown back a little but how hot the girl was, the mans got an amassing eye for beauty i didn't approach anyone below an 8 with him, a feat in it self.

    now i wanted to wait a week before i posted this review just to make sure all this really had any impact on me and i gotta tell you it did. so far I've approached 21 sets post bootcamp and 2 days ago i evan ended up spending a few hours with a girl ending it all in a same day make out section on the beach... also 2 of the hottest girls I've ever met when i open them like exploded open on me... I've still got plenty of sticking points to work on but i'm just happy i know now that i will be working on them.... One of the first things soul said to us was that if you do what these guy say "it will change your fucking life" that alls i really focused on during the work shop, so far it seems he was right =)

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    One of the first things soul said to us was that if you do what these guy say "it will change your fucking life" that alls i really focused on during the work shop
    Thanks lads... I look forward to hearing more epic stories from you guys in the future!

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    Right on man. You really went for it during the workshop. If you keep up that approach habit and frequency over the next couple months, your dating life will be off the charts!
    Love Systems Instructor

    "Of all the guys there however, I liked Stryker's style the most and felt it was one I could emulate and aspire to. He is basically a ninja of approach. Ultra calm, low key, dead-pan, and sarcastic as hell. His calm seemed to infect the women he was talking to, who would not be jumping and laughing as with Future , but rather just slowly getting drawn in. I swear they went glassy-eyed"- miked3

    The guy that popped my “Approaching and Opening ” cherry. Thanks for (lightly) pushing me to step outside my comfort zone. I know I asked you for a lot of advice on how to create good wingmen and wingwomen, and thanks for that.
    My desire for gaming wasn’t mainly to pick up girls but moreso to improve my life. I felt like my Inner Game sucked, and I wish I had a larger social group to become a part of. The fact that we shared experiences and the advice you gave me on how you personally dealt with similar Inner Game issues was very helpful…these were things I’ve been struggling with every since graduating college. Additionally, I’m thankful for all the advice you gave concerning me being self-conscious about rambling. “As long as you’re passionate, it’s not rambling.” I’m keeping that quote in the back of my mind as I develop my game. Thanks, Stryker. - Explorer56

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    Workshop Review

    So i've been laggin on writting this review. A little on part that I wanted to make sure that I really felt a change as opposed to somehting that was just over the weekend. First off the instructors were awesome the knowldge and skill they show really points you in a good direction of what learning game can really do for you. The earlier reviews pretty much hit the nail on the ehad with what the bootcamp was like. I have to say it's kindof intimidating at first being around guys that in the back of your mind you know are really exceptional at what they do. And the sincerity in which they teach really helps you feel comfortable. I was very nervous on the first day I gotta say I think the first 4 girls I approached damn near ran away form me which was a little discouraging at first but the coaches were awesome at helping you get through it . Once you got a few sets to open the momentum built form there. It was sucha great experience. But what really got me was that night I went out to a local night club and realized that all the cold approach practice during the day paid off I ended up having a really on night. Picked up a few numbers from some cute young french girls and ended up making out with a coworker by the end of the night. Keeping that stateof mind going into day 2 was great I opened less sets on day 2 but everything hooked sooo much better. it felt like a night and day contrast from the day before. So over the past few weeks i've been going out practicing and bit by bit I see more and more progress and I have to say this workshop really opened my eyes to it. It gave me ambition that I have forgotten I once had. I just gotta say thanks to all the guys that were helping us Jermy, Nick Hoss, Stryker, Ryan and ryan you guys were great I wish I was able to work with more of the other guys the insight each one gave really opens your eyes. If your considering doing a bootcamp I say do it now It really does make a difference.

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