Best way to bang "good girl" type woman?
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    Best way to bang "good girl" type woman?

    Hey good people of LS.

    I'm Alex, 32 years old.

    I'm new to the forums. I got the Magic Bullets book a while ago and went thru some of it. Ive known about Game for a while now, but not been very active in learning more about. Prolly due to the fact that Ive been in and out of relationships for the past two years.


    Currently single and in Thailand of all places! Looking to have a good time.

    So I've met this 25 year old Thai girl. She's about 7.5-8.

    Let me give you some history. Ill try and keep it short.

    I met her in a club the other day. Yesterday we went out for a drink/coffee and dinner later. I learned that she converted from Buddhism to Christianity(Protestant) when she was 18(not a good sign).

    I did everything like touch her at the right times. Showed her a lot of DHV talking about my travels to diff countries. Later at a bar before we went to a club, I started touching her more and steered the conversation to more sexual tones, like asking her how to say "fuck me" or "I wanna fuck you" in Thai. She was very shy in telling me this, and basically told me some other things that were more polite, lol. Sometimes when I lean in to her ear to whisper some of these dirty words she thought I was going to kiss her and turned her face away.

    By the time we headed to the club we were holding hands, altho I felt she was still very hesitant and her hand felt limp in mine. At the club I was more playful touched her even more; Put my hand on her leg, caressed her neck etc. Her hand was on my leg for a while so so far so good right?

    Then I tried to kiss her and she wouldn't let me. We danced for a bit and I tried again, but to no avail. So for a bit I backed away and took it easy. Sometimes I feel Id get a signal from her as if she wanted to kiss, but I was wrong!

    I tried kissing her like three diff times. She had also been talking about not drinking too much cuz she had to go to work in the morning. She did end up drinking tho. Anyhow, toward the end of the evening I asked her if I should bring her home since she had to work and she was ok with that.

    I told her I would go out to come club afterwards and party more, cuz i wasnt tired. Right after this, her vibe changed every so slighty and even tho we were just sitting beside each other, I could tell she wanted to get kissed and went in for it successfully this time! wuhuu. I took her home after making out for a while and made out a little at her front door. This time I tried feeling her up breasts, inner legs etc, but she would push my hands away. After this I just went home, sent her a nice good night text and today we've been texting back and forth.

    If you pros have any feedback for me regarding this evening, please dont hesitate to comment.

    So I figure this girl is gonna be a harder nut to crack when it comes to having sex. What is my best play in getting her in bed soonish?

    Also I have a feeling that she may be more interested in a relationship, even tho she is just in town for 2 months before going back to Bangkok(Im in Chiang Mai, about 8 hour drive away).

    Best way to avoid getting involed with her while still banging her?

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    2nd day trip report


    So today me and said good girl texted back and forth, which I felt went ok. I was not planning on meeting her at all today since we talked about her going out friday evening and invited me along with some friends of hers.

    But she texted me around 6-8 saying how bored she was and if I wanted to do something. I suggested going to the mall getting some food and maybe watching a movie there(yes I know its a big no no).

    Anyhow, after the movie we went to bar and had a few drinks. We talked for a while about many different things. We again talked about more sexual subjects, but it seems that she connected more with some things I said about family relations and my relationship with my mother, which I brought up to show her more of a vulnerable side of me(she even said that she could relate to that).

    Later we start kissing, but I can tell she isn't ready for sex yet. She talks about how she feels that sex and love are connected and its better to have sex when you love someone or some garbage like that

    We also talked about past relationships some, and I found out she was a virgin until she was 23 and has only had sex with one guy in the past.

    Later I took her home since I knew chances of getting laid were slim. We made out hardcore in front of her friends place where she is staying for the next two months before she has to go back to bangkok. I got to feel her up and even rubbed her pussy through her panties, so this is a huge improvement from the night before.

    Any thoughts on how the evening proceeded? Should I try and steer away from past relationship talk? Altho I feel I used it to my advantage by telling her that Im not a good guy like her other BFs.

    All comments appreciated

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    Woah woah woah guys! Dont post all at once

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    You're doing fine, just do'nt push it too fast. She seems like she's very shy and is set in her ways with love and sex at the same time. She's definitely into you. I have a feeling if you continue this, you'll get stuck with her liking you a lot and wanting a relationship.

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    This is exactly what Im afraid of.

    What's my best play to steer her away from having some sort of expectation of a relationship and just get her in a state of mind where she feels sex with me would be exciting and she goes for it?

    I guess maybe act totally alpha if I go out with her and her friends tonight? Be the center of the party and not give her too much attention but talk with her friends more?

    The irony of it all is, she's prolly gonna be a boring fuck when it comes to it lol. But rocking her world sexually would give me so much satisfaction, especially cuz its harder to hook up with normal thai women compared to some random bargirl.

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    What's in it for her? I mean, she's allowing you to progress at her speed, but you already know at this point she'll only have sex with you when she believes you'll be in a relationship, even though you seem to have no intentions.

    If you're looking to play the field because of the relationships you've been in the last few years, you should probably look elsewhere for now. It's not that you couldn't get in her pants, but you should never decieve a girl and should always leave them better off than you found them. There are plenty other regular/non-bar girls out there that would be happy to participate in the kinds of activities you're interested.

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    You've got some good points.

    I don't want to decieve her, but do want her to want to have sexy time with me and bend her own rules a little bit just to be adventurous and have some fun!

    At the same time of course I can see how this could end up ugly. e.g. she gets emotionally involved and starts to like me a lot and when I find out she's the most boring lay of the century cuz of her inexperience, I start to go after other girls and she goes all stalker and clingy on me and gets hurt in the process. SOmething I wouldn't want for her since she's a really sweet girl.

    Need to think this one through.

    Thanks for the constructive and critical advice.

  8. Mate, i think a lot of it comes down to their beliefs and the way they were brought up, not that shes playing hard to get. In thailand the girls are very difficult to bed because of a few things:

    1. religion (her turning protestant makes it even more difficult)

    2. family, she wouldnt want her family to know she was sleeping with a guy unless it was after a long courtship and heading somewhere.

    3. the fact that your a foreigner - foreigners have a bad reputation in thailand generally because of the sex tourists and shes trying to find out if your different. And if you do sleep with her then probably never see her again this will give her this impression of foreigners.

    4. other peoples perception, many thais look down on girls when their with foreigners because they immediatly think bargirl/prostitute. Thats a hard fact from a mans point of view because its not true and obviously the girls got this in the back of her mind.

    I lived in thailand a couple of years and know a bit about the girls here so any questions PM me. Good luck

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    Dude, change your MO a bit. Trying to nail her simply by being smooth and leading her on isn't going to work. With Thais you simply tell them what you want or you get involved with them. I've got a few girls on the hook at any time simply because the truly good girls almost ALWAYS want to get in to a relationship.

    Just today a smoking hot nurse (who's number I threw away) told me who short-sighted men seem to be. That's because they want to screw her but aren't willing to commit. If I wasnt married I probably would commit to her but Thai chicks, especially educated ones, have expectations and a relationship is normally one of those expectations. Of course there are exceptions but don't hold your breath. Why do you think there are so man massage paroles in Thailand - for massages?

    If you want to get laid, either prepare to take time, pay for it, or hit some of the clubs and get one who's a bit drunk. But the good girls make you wait, and they are usually like flowers. The more you get to know them the more wild they get.

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    I wish TAF had a thumbs up/like button. Because I would put one right on beefteriyaki's comment.

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