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  1. Hoboken, NJ

    Hey guys Im just looking to see if there is anyone out there that lives in Hoboken that is willing to go out and sarge with me. I've tried convincing a few buddies of mine but they always bail.

    Let me know id you're interested.

  2. Sorry, I lol'd cuz i thought it said Hadoken, NJ

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    PM me. What's your skill level?

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    You can PM me. I currently live in Hoboken NJ.


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    Who cares who pm's who?????
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    I go to hoboken a lot and need some wings too cause my friends suck with women, lemme know

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    Hey there..
    I just moved to Hoboken from Germany..Just moved in and my place still looks a mess but that should not be a reason to keep me from going out and meet some fun people..

    Looking for a wingman to go out in hoboken this Saturday or during next week..grab a drink..take a look around..some sarging could be part of the menu..

    As you know, nothing comes without a price tag, so my ideal wingman should fill the following two prerequisites (and I hold myself to these standards):
    -decent amount of experience
    -positive attitude towards women and live - I love sarging but mainly I want to have fun when I go out..

    If you are interested, please PM me..I look forward to meeting you..



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    Hey, I know its extremely old but if you are still looking for people to wing with in the Hoboken/Jersey City area, let me know, I'm always down. Hit me with a message.

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    I live in North Bergen and all of my friends are all untrainable. I bartend in one of Jersey's biggest latin venues in Elizabeth and am friends with alot of the main promoters all around so if the potential for a navy seal team arises im totally in. let me know!

  10. Know it's old, but I'm moving up there from texas next month, would be very interested in jumping in on any and all activities previously mentioned. Yall lemme know!

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