New Player--Need Help

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    New Player--Need Help

    A transcript of a FB messages conversation....

    Me: hey...remember me?
    HB: Well No.....n i guess i dont knw as wel...?

    Me: we met at ignite last were so high...all you could say was..."Catch me on FB"?
    HB: I ve nt even been to this place......may be smeone else....

    Me: ol...may be...that chick was crazy...u look decent though...btw...while i have your attention, i wanted a girl's opinion which can help me in completing a article on relationships...can you help?
    HB: what help n opinion u need....?its gud or bad or wrst

    Me: It is basically about some chick i was exchanging messages with on FB...she was committed...and even i made my intentions clear... was just trying to research how people in long term and long distance relationships react...she was in sydney...her guy was in delhi...she initially denied talking...and then later said she likes talking and will only talk i we keep this to facebook messages...i asked her why....and she said that her guy may not like it...but she still wanted to talk...share emotions and feelings...i knew it would have been bad for her relationship if i would have continued...and hence, I dropped out...Had so many questions on my mind...
    1. Do you think long distance relationships can work in today's world where there are so many ways to get distracted...? 2. Are people in relationships too excited to open up their emotions in front of someone whom they don't know and can pretend not to know afterwards...?
    HB: Its better u write ur n relationships r complicated even if its lond distacnce or not

    Me: .at least share what you think...
    HB: its complicated

    Me: lol...i got my answer...its scary to know how bad things are for our generation especially when it comes to love and relationships...all i wanted to conclude was that our generation is caught in between all of us have two different sides
    one side is just like our parents who just believe in the made for each other thing and the other side is our juniors...who just believe in having commitment and shit..just enjoy and move on and the irony is that we are caught in betwenn...
    humein dono chahiye...
    what do you say?
    HB: hahahhaha is this wat u want

    Me: well...not so sure...but this is what i came up with after so much introspection
    HB: cool....gud research!!!

    Me: are your thoughts so highly valued that you can't even share them?
    HB: nothing as just like that!!! i ve written wat i felt in just 2 wrds more than enuf to describe ..isnt it

    Me: it is...but i am sure you write a you write a blog or something?
    HB: No I didnt....y u felt so

    Me: your words were heavy...and only writers have that quality...may be you should give it a shot...
    HB: well may be i i havnt thrown any heavy words on u yet

    Me: so is the gun already loaded...?
    HB: hahahhahah u neveer knw

    Me: I do write at read my blog
    HB: well i will read n tell u ......didnt read ryt nw....m watching movie as well btw wat do u do aprt frm writing

    Me: i try to work as a ***********.....what about you?
    Hb: I work with *********

    Me: Holy shit
    Hb: Why?

    Me: Coz I work right in front of that
    Hb: is it..?

    Me: Yeah..where do you stay?
    Bh: Where do you stay?

    Me: ******//****
    HB: i dnt stay there

    Me: Are you the one who is hiding behind the tree and smoking every morning..
    HB: I don't think so...don't know whom you met at the pub...whom you see every morning...and why are you connecting useless things

    Me: lol..ok..i will have to leave have a good was nice talking to

    She has not replied back till now..

    Not sure how to take this further...

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    Holy sh******************************t

    Okay, let's take a second here. You used 2 openers. Your going to transition twice? no need, it's just more effort. And you were overwhelming her in the beginning. You wrote her way too much, without paying real attention to what moves had to be played. Too many questions, and you jumped through her 'hoops' a few times, by pushing her to answer the question. and you jumped again by answering it for her. Never do this. If she decides to not answer the question, blow it off, and move to something else, like a counter to her trying to be a smart ass.

    Tip 2: if your going to get there opinion, you have to respect a woman. So i wouldn't use the word 'chick'

    But you did good towards the end by changing to short answers, and making her wonder. It was a good recovery. But she was just wierded out towards the end by you teasing. It happens. But after all this i have to ask, did she respond to your goodbye?

    I wouldn't try to recover from this. You had a good learning experience, now move forward and correct them, and the next romance will go through a lot smoother. The reason i would say to do this is because, Not all her switches have been flipped. She is confused, and both ends aren't sure of where in this is going.

    So move to the next. Get away from thinking that there is only a few women out there and that you must do everything to keep the hot ones once you find her, and switch your that mindset to, that there is so many beautiful women out there anyways that it does not matter if things don't work out.

    In the end it's up to you, and what you think is right

    Good luck friend

    Hope this has given you some ideas.

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    thanks mate for your help...i am sure i will learn a lot out of this the same time, i did send her one cheesy line which she responded to awkwardly

    Me: you seem like a really easy person to talk to so let me level with you. I think you are polite, have a big heart, and are very attractive! I'd really like the opportunity to take you out for some coffee with conversation or dinner sometime. I just have this feeling that you're a great person and I'd like to get to know you better
    HB: Hw come in this conversations of mine one wrd or one liner reply u ve come to knw i m easy to talk n polite.....

    thinking of some stunning reply to bring her down this time

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    Click delete and move on. She spelled it out for you.

    on the next girl:
    Mirror her investment. If she's replying with one sentence, do not reply back with three paragraphs. You can't look like you care so much when she does not. Her words were not "heavy". Her answers were vapid. Your response was "wow, that's so deep."

    There's really not much more to critique than that, because that killed any potentiA interest really quickly. Was this over Facebook? I would reccommend you read the stickied topics before you go to the next girl. I would also suggest that you move from Facebook to okcupid or plenty offish so the next girl isn't as shocked by some random dude messaging her.

    Short messages. Short. S h o r t

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