Need help replying....

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    matrish Guest

    Need help replying....

    On POF messaging back and forth now for awhile and I get this:

    HB: That ever so slight one? sure... What is it these days with all the young men being interested in older women? Everybody looking for the sexual experience or something?

    Dunno what to do and shes right lol

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    If you respond to the question, it will make her in control of conversation. (and you can't have that especially if she is right and your wrong ;-P ) it wouldn't get you far. Instead maybe you can challenge it

    i don't know what the hell you guys are talking about, or if your younger and she's older. But based on what you wrote, you can challenge her by saying

    "Wow, so your telling me you took the time to take a survey. Wouldn't you say all older women interested in younger men are looking for sexual experience or something, what do you think?"

    Play with it if you like it. Didn't take the time to think it through, but you see what i'm getting at. Don't always try to answer the question, play a little reverse psychology, make her think ;-)

    if you date her, i want credit

    Good luck

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