Calls me everyday but makes excuses to meet?
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    Calls me everyday but makes excuses to meet?

    What can I do?

    Get on so well with this girl we flirt like mad and talk about everthing and I've gotten away with alot of dirty talk with her. Work with her been on a date but it was 3 weeks ago and she has flaked 3 times since and told me she won't be free this week when I told her I was free some days. She acts interested on the phone but when I suggest meeting recently she kinda seems like she is putting it off. She says she REALLY likes me aswell so I'm confused.

    The more I ask her for a date the more desperate it seems so what do I do?

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    Relax and keep busy. Freeze her out a while. She's relishing your attention giving very little in return.

    Become less available and meet more women. After 3 flakes your still chasing? If so, oh dear.

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    After the 3 flakes she just kept ringing me and flirting. I was pushing the limits talking about "slapping my cock in her face" and "ripping her undies into pieces"

    She laughs all the time at all this stuff and I still end up txting her the AFC shit about how I feel about her but I'm starting to get less back from her and now I just want to still txt her but not sure what to say. We got this thing where we speak to eachother in the day and txt at night and when I don't she usually asks me why.

    She is quite the game player, she told me earlier she was upset cos her brother had his house broken into and then a few hours later she txt me random txt "do you have xbox or ps3? x" then later she just txt me a sad face and I asked her how she was doing and told her I was going out. Then she replies "aww wicked, I just had some guy try to ring me weird" WTF...every day she tells me about guys who like her or some shit. What do you think is going on? One day she talks to me like I'm her boyfriend(Leaving me a voice message yesterday telling me to have a good day at work and that she was thinking about me) then I'm just a regular guy friend it's weird.

  4. I honestly would stay away. Girls like this are hot but have big time commitment issues and all this shit you dont want to mess with. Bail out now find a normal girl save yourself the agony. Girls like this also like to fuck with your head and play games.

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    Sounds like shes keeping you on the hook. I bet shes got another guy shes into and shes stalling you incase he doesnt work out

  6. What im getting at is girls like this always have to have the ball in their court. If its not then they wont date you. There could be a million reasons but thats the main one.

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    Yeah and then we have the odd day like today where she doesn't phone and I end up chasing.

    Worst of all I'm still an AFC but trying everything not to be. In person I can be indifferent and alpha but one the phone I can't stop telling them how I feel.

  8. Risk leaving it. Make it clear you're not going to put up with her Bullshit. The whole point of learning this stuff is to improve your standards and teach you that YOU are the alpha and YOU make the decisions of what women you spend your time with. If she doesn't meet your standards, make her aware that you have better things to do with your time and can get other women.

    I was in a similair situation before I started learning pickup.
    My advice is to come right out and say. Listen, I want to see you. I'm not looking for a relationship with my cell phone. It's kind of strong but its obviously not coming out of nowhere. She will likely give some BS excuse.

    You can also suggest putting her in the friend zone. Moving on and suggesting you're meeting a friend who's going to cook you dinner. (just one example)
    Don't explain yourself just infer that you are spending time with other women. If she asks why just mention the fact that this isn't really going anywhere. We're not dating, why are you jealous? If you want me then you're gunna have to come see me. If not then I'm going to continue to treat this relationship the same.

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    Yeah so far she said she wants to meet tommorow but she pulled out some shit test.

    She says some guy called her the other night and got her number from her friends when she went to a party. She says he has been asking her out for dinner and she says but I don't know you and the guy keeps asking. I said that doesn't sit well with me and she says her friends know she is single and doesn't want to rush into anything anyway so she is keeping her options open. I was like true but it's better for me to know because I've seen situations like this before and I'm older now so I don't want any games and she told me we have a good connection going and that if any girl comes up to me she doesn't have to worry because she knows how it is between us.

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